Saturday, October 23, 2010

More inane waffle from A.P.P. as the clock ticks on...

From the A.P.P. Forum:

‘The government would love APP to take a hard line against Isreal,(sic) so that they could stereotype us as nazi's,(sic) we are (not?) going to fall for that,saleam can have that all to himself.’

So, if we are interpreting it correctly, what ‘Saxon’ is basically indicating then is that the A.P.P. are not only terrified that ‘the government’ (we ASSUME it is the AUSTRALIAN government he is talking about but one never can tell, it COULD be Israel) is going to think bad things about them and ‘stereotype’ them but that what the filthy, lying, CRIMINAL traitors in ‘government’ think about ANYTHING is of some concern to White Racial Patriots. WLT certainly don’t give a flying f**k what these career criminals ‘think’. They are the E.N.E.M.Y. They are NOT your friends and never WILL be.

Don’t A.P.P. understand that they already ARE ‘stereotyped’ as ‘Nazis’ just like EVERYONE who is not a fanatical advocate of Multiculturalism and that no amount of evasion, appeasement or arse licking will ever change this one iota? Does Saxon even know how to identify the enemy? This ‘government’ he seems so concerned not to offend is representative of everything that is not in White peoples’ interests. Why would anyone even care what that sort of scum think?

Not only but also. Why does 'Saxon' so passively accept the preposterous presumption that to criticise Israel automatically renders you a 'Neo-Nazi' or an 'Anti-Semite'? Grow a set and simply REJECT their labels. Challenge them. They can only keep getting away with supression of true dissent while ever people are intimidated and keep backing down. Give them the big middle finger. What have you got to lose? We are facing extinction as a RACE and you are concerned with the delicate sensibilities of a pack of loathesome parasites? The White Genocide Clock is reading two minutes to midnight. Act now.

Get up to speed with the real World fellas. We live in a Wicked World where truth is inverted and where deviant perverts like Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp' are regarded as ‘experts’ or ‘Anti-Racist Activists’ or ‘reliable sources’ on ‘Hate Crime’. Can you imagine the ‘government’ in that World caring for one micro second what image you wish to convey?

They want you GONE. Just like WLT and everyone else in opposition to them. Either you just keep paying your taxes and shut the f**k up or you will eventually be ‘disappeared’ down the memory hole or worse, meet with an unfortunate Mossad style ‘car crash’ al a Joerg Haider or a ‘suicide’ with six shots to the back of your head. It happens almost every day all over the World.


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