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Not big and not clever...

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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‘Spot on Jaxxen,unfortunately those migrants and there (sic) descendants of middle eastern background that live here,can't leave it behind,they come from hell holes, but to them,there (sic) hell hole is the most important place on the planet,and many of them spend there (sic) time trying to drag anyone who will listen to them,into the conflict.’

Essentially, like them flea bitten camel jockeys or hate ‘em, it IS 'our' conflict, the final conflict between the Chosenoids and the rest of Humanity. The Middle East is like a glimpse into our own future. This is what is in store for us. First they practice on the primitive Arabs then they move on to more (allegedly) intelligent and sophisticated victims. How about we prove we ARE that much smarter than the Muds, eh? And start by helping our people get a clue?

Is the choice really that difficult? Hmmm! Let’s think now. Good and Righteousness or Eternal Evil? Would you like to buy a vowel or do you want to phone a friend?

‘Unfortunately some Nationalists,get sucked in,and end up believing that the middle east problems are more important,than whats (sic) happening here.’

That statement is a crude and quite deliberate misrepresentation of what is actually occurring and a typical example of the ‘spin’ being put out by groups like the A.P.P. No real White Nationalists known to this writer place ‘more’ importance on the events of the Middle East but these events are ignored at our peril. The behaviour of Israel, its arrogant aggression to its neighbours, its manipulation of American foreign policy, its flouting of all the International Laws its very own tribe were so keen to apply to all others, its M.A.D. ‘Samson Doctrine’ etc provides a grim warning of what is in store to all White people.

‘Nationalists should beware of sneaky wolves in sheeps (sic) clothing.’

Oh yeah! Ain’t THAT the truth? You ain’t whistlin’ Dixie there.

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
« Reply #272 on: October 22, 2010, 11:40:05 PM »

“Middle Eastern politics should have nothing to do with Australian nationalists.”

Duh! What??? Do you live in a cave? Never heard of ‘Think Globally, act locally’? How about peripheral vision? Like it or not, all ‘Nationalists’ whatever shade of the spectrum they might be, are enmeshed and ensnared in the plans of the Global Elite of International Finance and their Chosenoid controllers. What is happening in the Middle East is extremely relevant to White Nationalists in particular. We appear destined to become the Palestinians of the Pacific, disenfranchised, marginalised, vilified and ultimately subject to Genocide in the nation we built.
Wake up and smell the acrid stench of the gefilte fish, you troglodyte. Why not unite with other Nationalist groups (Globally) to treat the CAUSE of the disease and then deal with the irritating symptoms by pushing for a moratorium on Non-White Immigration and, ultimately, repatriation of all undesirables?
Now THAT’S a plan.
In this writer's opinion, the funniest irony with the way the fixated Muslim haters like Hodges carry on at times with talk about the mighty European resistance at ‘The Gates of Vienna’ etc is the spectre of our eternal and mortal enemy is always conveniently ignored. You see, while quite appropriately praising the heroism of the counter Islamic resistance fighters they fail to mention the treacherous behaviour of the vampiric aliens living among them and, as they do today, working 24/7 against their interests.

For example, immediately following White Europe’s most significant stand against Islam, the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the Jews, who had a VERY cosy relationship with the Muslim Ottoman Turks, were yet again the subject of an Austro-Hungarian pogrom when it was revealed they had assisted the Muslims with vital intelligence information to assist their military campaign against King Leopold the First and his heroic White European allies like von Starhemberg, John III Sobieski (the Lion of Lechistan) and Prince Eugene of Savoy, these ‘Court Jews’ stabbing their hosts and patrons, as they ALWAYS do, in the back.

These snakes in the grass are the very same vile creatures the Christian Zionists at A.P.P. like Hodges serve with such lickspittle obsequiousness like some sort of fawning Gollum. What a joke. What? Do they think these Chosenoids have changed? Incidents such as their White Holocausts in Russia and the Ukraine, the gutless attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during the Six Day War in 1967, their Communist spy rings in America, their sharing of U.S. military secrets with the Chinese, their Mossad involvement in the 911 false flag black op etc would suggest very much otherwise.

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