Monday, October 18, 2010

The results are in for Sutherland Shire Ward D.

Australia First White Nationalist candidate Matt “you bloody beauty” Hodgson 931 that is 4% of the total vote.

Darrin "its just politics" Hodges 584 that is 2.5%

Now if you add both of these together folks that is 6.5% of the vote. How did the Greens/watermelons go you ask? You know @ndys and antifa mates? Well they got 7.4% of the vote. What’s that you say about the Greens having money, profile and support of the Australian Labor Party nearly being upstaged by the conservative and the hard line right.

Sadly Australia First had the one and only spoiler party APP running against them. Well we did say they would do exactly that back in 2007. They have no other purpose other than spreading malicious lies and rumors for their controllers. Hell they even admit that is what they are doing.

Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
"Howzabout someone suggests in a subtle way that Jim is a jew? That could work, might wind up some crazies. That is the point of this thread right?"

Imagine that. A whole thread dedicated to smearing the Australia First Leadership and White Nationalism in general. Its only purpose to feed the media in an attempt to discredit a legitimate Party. I think readers here can figure out the rest.

How proud they must be having Darrin Hodges and Mark Wilson/Saxon speaking for them. How absolutely childish and ridiculous they look to the honest and truly dedicated APP membership.

No big deal mulatto, people who know Mark Wilson/Saxon have known for a long time he is dumb shit.

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Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with National Socialis? ;)

Accoridng to Wikipedia:

"The term national socialism was coined by French intellectual Maurice Barrès. The term characterizes the rejection of pluralism, individualism, materialism and globalism. The ideology generally supports the creation of a self-sufficient corporatist economy, a single-party state, and a society built upon traditional family values.

While national socialism opposes Communism and other left-wing sentiments, the ideology favours certain aspects of leftist ideologies such a progressive taxation, minimum wage, affordable housing, public healthcare and education. On the other hand, national socialism incorporates certain conservative aspects into its agenda, such as capital punishment, pro-life stance on abortion, anti-immigration and revitalization of traditional gender roles to name a few."

Where's the great evil in that? (I support a flat tax rate, though). I'm most of the APP would agree with most of what would be classed as "National Socialsim".