Friday, October 15, 2010

Someone is hurting.

Water off a ducks back.

Oh and it aint us.

Seems @ndy has seen his chance and is taking it. At the same time so has Darrin Hodges, Mark Wilson/Saxon and a new Ghost account over at APP central. We will deal with them later.

Now back to @ndy. After info supplied to us from an anonymous
source was found to be incorrect, apparently that makes everything else written about @ndy wrong? Others are also making the same claims. Fancy that.

All I can say is this. Until now all the information ever published about @ndy and his friends from Fight Dem Back has been sourced from what they have done or said on the internet since 2004. Check for your self. It’s all here and at the old Victor Whitelaw blog.

Now the only thing we cant seem to get correct is @ndys real name and identity. Judging by his actions over the last week we have certainly touched a nerve. Not only with @ndy but also with his distant allies at the APP.

Now if you have been reading this site from the start you would have to agree that we are certainly getting close. In fact the amount of people who have come forward over the last week with more info is bad news for @ndy.

You get the most flak when you are over your target.

Now if you doubt our claims, or simply dismiss what has been said here, that’s fine. Looking at what @ndy has said over the years, I could sit here all day showing examples of his imagination getting away with him. But as anyone from our team who reads his scribbling knows we would rather let him think what he likes. His reputation on being a credible source on the White Nationalist movement is laughable. Why would we correct him? If you are WNst and read this blog you know and that’s all that counts. After all, this blog is for White Nationalists. They have seen and witnessed bigger conspiracy's than this.

We have spent four years looking at who is connected to @ndy and in particular Mathew Henderson. We stand by our claims. He can only thank his pal Darp/Mathew Henderson for that. That guy’s mouth is nearly as big as his head. Oh and I don’t think it helps when his mates publicly admit to working with the State.

If you are truly interested in the truth research it yourself. That’s what we have had to do. What you will find is exactly what we found. Thanks to forums such as SFDU many others are now doing exactly that. Our proof will be in the final product.

Now that @ndy has also angered the average everyday citizen we have a whole new team of allies working away at exposing him and the other vermin, who callously throw peoples details around on the net in a “name and shame” operation.

The facts people, just look at the facts. We didn’t make it up. The proof has been shown here time and time again. We have supplied the links and shown you what they have said and done. Why do you think web forums and sites like the Jewish Task Force Forum, Fight Dem Back and even SFDU in the past have permanently deleted so much info we have exposed?

Sadly I must admit we have failed in one aspect. We lacked in man power. You can only do so much with out spreading yourself to thin. Under our watch we have seen the damaging elements from the past reacquaint themselves again. Reading Darrin Hodges forum and @ndy Slackbastard is like traveling back in time. Just change the name Storm Front Down Under with Australian Identity Forums and Fight Dem Back with Slackbastard, date it 2004/2006 and you have a match.

It’s all the same people folks. Around we go one more time, all with a common goal, divide and conquer. All if not a huge part of the evidence proving what we have said has since been whitewashed and or removed. Not from here. That makes it imperative now to discredit us.

Gee we didn’t see that coming.

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