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Unionist's 9/11 comments stupid and wrong: Gillard and @ndy agrees!

In front of an elite audience of Israeli politicians, academics and cultural figures at a gala dinner at the landmark King David Hotel, a senior minister, Isaac Herzog, paid a warm tribute to Ms Gillard for her unwavering support for Israel during the Gaza conflict in January.

"You stood almost on the world stage in support of Israel's right to defend itself," enthused Mr Herzog, an act of courage he said would never be forgotten by the people of Israel. Source.

Unionist's 9/11 comments stupid and wrong: Gillard

Oh dear the establishments own anti establishment supporters are all cut up over the truth coming out. After thirty something years of Left Wing infiltration of Government and Non Government departments the Left is now eating their own.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says comments by a Victorian union official that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were a conspiracy are "stupid and wrong".

Ms Gillard says she does not agree with the comments.
"Obviously they are stupid and wrong," Ms Gillard said, when asked about the comments during Question Time this afternoon. Source.

Israels own Australian State sponsored sayanim/anarchist cant help but agree with Israels sock puppet Julia Gillard.

Kevin Bracken and 9/11 conspiracy theories
Posted on October 20, 2010 by @ndy


"Kevin Bracken — Maritime Union of Australia Victorian Branch Secretary and Victorian Trades Hall President — has been claiming that 9/11 is a conspiracy for years. Last year, he helped to organise the Melbourne leg of ‘The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under’, dedicated to exposing the troof about 9/11. The conference was held at Trades Hall, and featured US troofer and founding member of ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ Richard Gage; the event’s MC was John Bursill, who just two months earlier addressed the fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum on the subject of troof."

In Australia we have Koalas hanging out in our Eucalypt trees. In Israel they have British soldiers hanging from them. British soldiers who were murdered by the Irgun the forerunner of the Mossad, Israels State sanctioned terrorist group. Maybe Julia could send some more Eucalyptus trees to Israel?

The founding fathers of Terrorism. Israel!

"In scenes eerily reminiscent of New York fifty five years later, The Jerusalem bomb was the beginning of terrorism as a media event. Designed to capture the worlds attention. The perpetrators, Zionist Jews."

Look out Kevin you have some very powerful enemies.

Richard Gage Sydney Radio 19 Nov 2009

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