Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Gulf of Tonkin?

Australian MSM are still reporting, "Fears that the North Korean assault could turn into a full-blown showdown across the world's last Cold War flashpoint depressed US markets, as stocks, already hit by fears over Ireland's plight, slumped.

'Geopolitics have
thrown the market for a loop this morning, courtesy of a provocative action by North Korea,' said Patrick O'Hare of"

But who fired first and why?

Each day we get just that little bit further away from reality. The future looks bleak.

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Anonymous said...

The purpose of this propaganda is simple..

To kill by proxy at the hand of gentile Eurodupes, millions of Arabs in the Mid East so that Israel can expand to its prophesied borders.

To destroy Gentile nations racially and actually before the imposition of Totalitarian Noachide Law, for which the penalty decreed by the Rabbids for 'gentile' rejection is excecution.

To incite Europeans into fighting a War in the Middle East for "Greater Israel".

It was the Jewish establishment who worked feverishly within the legislature to invite millions of Muslims on our behalf into European derived communities...

It is the Jew establishment that now creates trouble via incitement to violence and lies so that Whitey Goy believe they have an "enemy"...

The "holocaust" is smoke dispersed to conceal and shame the gentiles into silence. " To question our intentions on any matter makes us fearful of another holocaust. Words turn into actions etc ad infinitum"

Judas was the first Noachide, as are Christian Zionists....Jesus Christ rejected the impost of Noachidiocy and was excecuted for it.

Christian Zionists have accepted Judas Iscariot and his Pharisaic masters as their "G-d".