Monday, November 08, 2010

The A.P.P. Loonies deny Griffin

From the A.P.P. Assylum:

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Re: BNP leader Nick Griffin faces being axed as a Euro MP
Reply #8 on: November 07, 2010, 08:19:33 PM

“Griffin had a great opportunity to forever denounce the speculation that he still denied the Holocaust on British national tv. He ummed and arred and made a meal out of it instead of doing the intelligent thing and just saying that of course he did not deny it. From that point on, any leadership by him made the BNP a slowly sinking ship, regardless of his guilt or innocence in this money matter.”

Fark! What tortured path do these idiots tread to arrive at such an alien and distorted mindset? That is some really twisted stuff. It’s truly a challenge to recognise them as fellow White Folk.

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Re: BNP leader Nick Griffin faces being axed as a Euro MP
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“that was the moment I gave up on Griffin. It was quite clear from the ummming and ahhhing [along with the earlier comments declaring that the EDL were a zionist front group, and his speech in America where he flippantly stated that he believed 12 million Jews were killed by the Nazis because "That was the original estimate after the war at the trials"] that Nick had not given up on the conspiracy theories of his past.

People who live in conspiratorial worlds find it hard to break free from them, and Nick quite clearly never did. Regardless of his nice sounding articles and statements on the subject that made me believe that he had. Nick was supposed to be the born again savior (sic) of sanity in british (sic) nationalism. Sadly that was not the case. After I cringed watching him try and wriggle out of QT questions relating to holocaust denial it was clear that Nick was not the man Britain had been waiting for. Regardless of organisational abilities or his lack of them.”

Wow! So let’s get this straight. Griffin has not trimmed ENOUGH to satisfy these simple minded deadshits? ‘Conspiracy theories’? So the real actual History, the verifiable facts, the documented and forensically provable whole truth, is ‘Conspiracy theories’?


Surely NOBODY can be that stupid naturally. These retards are willingly off with the fairies. They have to be on some serious drugs…OR…they are just more bought and paid for Shabbos Goy and Zionist whores.

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