Monday, November 29, 2010

Australia Calling - Labor tries to stop vote on illegals

Labor tries to stop vote on illegals
Australia Calling

The federal parliamentary Labor Party is determined to defeat a private member's bill that will allow residents of a small South Australian town to vote on whether or not they want a detention facility for illegal immigrants. Once again, Labor has shown that it is an anti-democratic totalitarian Marxist criminal organisation that is determined to flood Australia with Third World invaders. Listen to this show, then join the patriotic discussion at the forum.

HERE to listen.


Laboring to Lick the spittle said...

This Man knows the Jew and how the Jew works through the "law" to achieve its ends by proxy.

These politicians are but fools and lickspittles in the service of those who've made the hatred of others a "religion".

The Invention of the jewish people ? said...

Why no mention of the horrors of the holocaust in 1952 ?