Monday, November 01, 2010

Australia Calling! Radio Free Australia.

Wake Up and Smell The Tyranny
Australia Calling

Despite almost unanimous opposition from the inhabitants of a small South Australian town, the Fabian Marxist Federal Government is determined to impose upon them a detention facility for illegal immigrants. In a democracy government is supposed to implement the will of the people, not impose its will upon the people. When government imposes its will upon the people, that is called tyranny. Wake up! You are no longer living in a free country.
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Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any Oz Calling broadcasts on the site, unless they're hidden away in the only-members-can-look-in-here-ya-dig? forum. Oz New Nation isn't doing its cause any favors by cloistering its forum. Potential converts can't read material posted on it that might sway them into joining the cause, and probably won't go to the trouble of registering just to see if there's anything interesting posted there, and the fact that the community is gated won't stop the usual suspects from getting in, who are only going to sign up under false names, using disposable email addresses, anyway. So what's the point?

ANN Admin said...

Anonymous, I think you will find that this edition of Australia Calling is indeed up on the front page of the ANN website.

Anonymous said...

As much as I respect all decent hard trying nationalists that use differ ave's as in forums. I have to on this one agree with Anonymous regarding Viewing the ANN forum.
Please keep the door ajar.

ANN Admin said...

To those that disagree with ANN's policy of having a member only forum it doesn't take much to join just a valid email address and appropriate login. If people are put off by having to take a little bit of time to register to participate in the forum I'm sorry but we prefer quality over quantity unlike many other forums about that are known to exaggerate their numbers.