Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Australia First warn of immigrant 'invasion'

EXTREME nationalists are bombarding homes with flyers opposing the "refugee invasion in the Adelaide Hills" and claim to be recruiting supporters in a bid to contest the next federal and state elections.

The Australia First Party has delivered flyers to homes and businesses in towns surrounding Inverbrackie, where the Federal Government is building a detention centre to house 400 Sri Lankan and Afghani asylum seekers.

The two-page flyers warn of a foreign "invasion" occurring and the numbers of refugees bound for Australian shores is "limitless".

They also call for a "community strike" which includes opposing any government agency, church or community group that backs the project and shunning their members.

The same party targeted international students last year, handing out flyers outside Adelaide university campuses.

Australia First national president Jim Saleam yesterday told The Advertiser anti-immigration sentiment - and the party's support base - was growing in South Australia in the wake of the detention centre announcement.

"We have members and we have a group in South Australia," he said.

"It is our intention to begin the process very shortly to collect the relevant memberships to create an entity in South Australia that will be registered under your Electoral Act."

The Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, condemned the claims made in the flyers.

"This material does not represent widely held views in the community; it's the offerings of a fringe group and should be treated as such," he said.

The party is registered in New South Wales, where it contested the 2007 state election and 2010 federal election.

Re-elected Prospect councillor Bruce Preece left the party more than a decade ago after it lurched toward the extreme right after an internal power struggle.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi said the material was "designed to be divisive" and most South Australians welcomed people needing aid.

"As for them registering a political party, one of the tenets of our democracy is free speech and political expression," she said.

"It will be up to fair-minded Australians to express an opinion in response to them."

Asylum seekers are expected to begin arriving in Inverbrackie within weeks. Source.

The average concerned Aussie has this to say.

Victorian member of the Australian Protectionist Party Luke Connors has this to say.

What a wanker, and a perfect example of the mentality of the APP. Seems your cunning plan just isn't working out now is it. Sucking up to Israel and attacking White Nationalists has done nothing but keep you all right where we want you. All in one group and as far away from us as possible.

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Anonymous said...

They got it together in SA because they're not fartarsing arounf in Newtown with pointless and confrontational three man "protests". The APP is really irrelevant now, just a masturbation fantasy of DH.