Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Australian Protectionist Party is Kaput.

Definition of KAPUT
1 : utterly finished, defeated, or destroyed
2 : unable to function
3 : hopelessly outmoded

Seems that the only thing left of the conservative Pro Jewish Australian Right is a bunch of delusional, disenfranchised small time crims. Such a professional outfit this lot.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Reactor the HYPOCRITE and LIAR":
Stupid faggots. It wasn't Luke who made that video and put it up, it was I, Mick Dundee. How about that chat you fat old chrome dome? I'm a fit 29yo, gym 4 times a week, you old saggy bitch tits Nazi. I'd beat you like a 14 year old with his first Penthouse mag. Again and again!

Oh how the mighty fall.

How about taking this BS away from our blog and from the security of the APP forum and bring it to the streets? We are fine with that. Or would you rather we all turn up at the next APP meeting when we are all back in town. Gym four times a week, what is this a dating agency now for key board warriors?

Seeing as it is very apparent that Hodges and the APP are simply running decoy for FDB, one has to wonder how long they can tread water with the antifa stone around their neck.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the APP was ever anything outside of Hodges' hard drive.

Anonymous said...

You mean it takes ALL of you to fight Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges?

What a pack of pussies.

Besides we all know the cops are so far up your arse with a metal baton, you can't do jack shit or they will bust you, and now you have openly threatened the APP on your blog, there is proof of intent. Haven't you morons ever heard of Google Caching? You can't delete it.

Fat old Nazi moron.

As for the rumble, how about I come to your house in Pitt st Peter....? Don't you have the balls to come alone, old Nazi saggy tits.

Pity, such a big mouth needs a big posse to feel brave.