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A Blast (warning?) From The Past

The following is a rather lengthy ‘letter to the editor’ taken from an excellent American White Nationalist magazine from 1980. Why are we posting this here? Why are we doing this now? You may be mystified as to its relevancy to Australia in 2010 but many things, sadly, never change and as the old saying goes ‘There is nothing new under the Sun’. Even after reading it you may remain unconvinced about its importance but keep this in mind as you read it, all the issues discussed are still very much apparent today and, as this was published three decades ago, they have got worse not better. Now just imagine if we do no better in our struggle than the White Nationalists did in the thirty years following this letter. What kind of World will our children and grandchildren inherit?

We have highlighted certain passages and phrases we feel are pertinent to our White Racial struggle in Australia today. In fact we believe the letter could, for the most part, be utilised as a transparent template to be laid over our own society and view our plight from a more critical perspective than we have had the courage to do thus far.
The gutless vermin of the so-called 'Australian Protectionist Party' should take special note and it is likey that the more reasonable and (potentially) honest of them will feel a pang of guilt as they recognise themselves in the letter writer's criticisms.

By *** *** Who Says ****** is Spinning his Wheels

The general thrust of ******'s later articles seems to be a muted, careful call to conspiratorial arms. He doesn't write a word I disagree with, but I believe that what he seeks will not be found in the ranks of ************ readers. Everything that I believe and know suggests that the Majority "intellectual" is, in blunt terms, an arrant coward. Economically, and perhaps politically, he has too much to lose to buck the system. In fact, the average intellectual will probably buck anyone who attempts to buck the system. The Majority egghead is not only individually and collectively an arrant coward; he has become a racial renegade more interested in preserving his own place in the present socioeconomic pecking order than he is in preserving his genetic heritage.

Where, then, if anywhere, can a leader be found to lead the dedicated, committed American Majority member who does wish to preserve his genetic heritage? The sparkplug of one activist group is entirely capable of such leadership, and in addition is idealistically highly motivated, but the intellectual shudders at the prospect of knowingly associating with such an "extremist." Many of these extremist groups have the same goal ****** seems to have, and are openly seeking what ****** appears to be covertly seeking. The leaders of these groups have unabashedly put their lives, their fortunes and their honor, sacred or otherwise, on the line.

Whose hand is raised against these potential leaders? The hand of the renegade government in Washington, first of all. The whole power of the criminal state is focused on these extremists on the Right. They are harassed from above and below by every voice and every organization that can make itself heard or felt. The government's obvious intent at the moment is not to destroy the widespread and nurtured illusion that free speech still prevails in America, but to "contain" the groups by propagandistically making patriotism a veritable crime. On the other hand, the government never lists a visible finger against extremists of the Left those ugly minorities who make a profession of treason.

This reaction is to be expected. What is not expected, but what occurs, is that our "extremist" leaders find themselves and their efforts the focus of the same kind of hate and opposition from the very people who stand to benefit the most --the Majority intellectuals. My guess is that ******, himself, would under no circumstances conspire covertly to save America with the likes of any of the more notorious extremists. ****** is the voice of Sweet Reason. ****** apparently believes that the way to salvage America is by intellectual logic. ****** is presumably imbued with the belief that what must be done must be done legally and without violence. This is the creed and the dogma of the Majority intellectual.

****** writes of dedication and commitment. Who has such qualities? Who dares to openly display patriotic, nationalistic and racial dedication and commitment? Who has the moral courage that arises out of absolute conviction? Who is it that gives up almost everything for absolutely nothing but dedicated and committed conviction? Obviously it is not ******, who writes in anonymity. It is not the writer of this letter, who has a corporate letterhead, but doesn't use it in this correspondence. It is not, in other words, the Majority intellectual who is fighting for white America. If anyone fights at all these days, it is the tiny band of extremists of the Right. And their reward from all sides is personal danger, economic and political harassment and universal denigration. Yet they carry on, surely in their hearts realizing the cause they advocate is utterly hopeless. I think we cowards owe them a salute. They are better men than we.

If there is ever to be a man on a white horse for America, he will not arise from the ranks of the intellectuals. He will be a "redneck" demagogue from the lumpen proletariat. He will be one of those who have little or nothing to lose, but whose loins and soul carry the splendid genes of his white heritage. All right. Can White America ever produce a man on a white horse? The answer, in a word, is no.

All means of intercommunication are closed to concerned American whites. The air waves (property of the people?), the printed media, the public forums, the debate rostrums --all of these outlets are permanently beyond the reach of Majority activists. More and more the means of intercommunication between us are being constrained. The great mass of Whites are utterly indifferent to their own kind, including their own progeny. They turn hostile eyes and hearts towards those who seek to save them. Which inevitably gives rise to the question: Are the white masses worth saving? If they are uncaring enough, or unwilling enough, to work to save themselves, why, then should the white elite bother with saving or salvaging the white non-elite?

Realistically, the average American White is for Racial purposes totally worthless. He carries the genes of greatness without comprehending even dimly the glory of his unconscious burden. His capacity for genetic splendor is utterly lost in the gross materialism of modern living. He is an uncaring vessel filled with vapour instead of purpose. The American white of today has been reduced to a racial nullity. If there is any hope at all for him, it lies far in the future, in the progeny of our progeny, and the progeny of their progeny. What are the two factors that have overwhelmed the native instincts of the American Majority member and rendered him a racial nullity?

The first factor is the noxious and pernicious Christian philosophy and ethic. The second is the unremitting propaganda that has taught him all men are created equal. Each of these factors bolsters and reinforces the other, until they are so entwined they may never be disentangled. They have separately and in combination deracinated and emasculated the American white. The vapid pusillanimity embodied in the obscene ideas that "the meek shall inherit the earth," "if a man smiteth thee on one cheek, turn the other and let him smite that," "a soft answer turneth away wrath," “all men are brothers," and so on ad nauseam are so firmly entrenched in the American psyche that Joe Blow with his eyes wide open will accept slavery before he will resort to the violence that would keep him free. The American White has become his own victim.

The alien propaganda that reinforces the racially destructive aspects of Christianity is, of course, the work of those who hate Christianity with a passion, but love its loathsome influence on the white masses. Here in this 2,000-year-old Messiah myth is the club with which Neo-Cain destroys Neo-Abel. Only the ignorant fool blinded by the myth refuses to consciously acknowledge what he must instinctively feel that he is willingly aiding and abetting his own racial annihilation in response to alien conditioning.

The instinct to survive is ordinarily unquenchable in any sentient entity, but with the Majority intellectual, it is covered over with so many layers of Christian ethical garbage that it is a useless instinct. This is to say that the instinct to survive in American Whites is so deeply buried beneath intellectual mediocrity and abysmal ignorance that here it has no practical use.

It is not Sweet Reason that moves Majority members, whatever their IQ. What moves them, if anything does, is direct and simple emotionalism that emotionalism which made the 1930s so receptive a ground for Franklin Roosevelt's demagoguery. Without such a demagogue, America will die. An emotion-charged rally to halt construction of a nuclear plant can bring out tens of thousands of whining ninnies. A rally dedicated to Sweet Reason will bring out, in a big city, maybe 35 or 50.

Sweet Reason can argue that if Majority members are to save their country and themselves, they must elect to public office a "good candidate" never quite comprehending that political action, as America has known it, can no longer serve any useful, long-range purpose. All the politicians seeking elected offices these days are by definition puppets of the enemy. No, what must be done cannot ever be done in the name of Sweet Reason. What must be done, if anything is to be done at all, is a deed so awful to contemplate that Sweet Reason reels before the very words that describe it. What must be done is not human. It is uncivilized. It is barbaric. It is unworthy of the Great Race. And worst of all, it is un-Christian! The Inassimilable Minorities, individually and collectively, have the innate capacity to ruthlessly destroy either bodily or economically a perceived enemy for either pleasure or profit or both. They are genetically remorseless, totally without conscience, and universally sadistic.

Evidence of this is plain to see anywhere and everywhere around the entire globe. They are, all of them, individually and collectively, our natural enemies and sooner or later we must realize this or disappear forever into the catacombs of history. Since it is obvious that fire must be fought with fire, we must discard Sweet Reason and Christian pusillanimity and become for a while as treacherous and ruthless and violent as our sworn opponents. We must eventually face the incontrovertible truism that if we do not protect ourselves against our natural enemies, our natural enemies will do us in. We must, if we are to survive, valiantly defend ourselves against the genocidal intent of the burgeoning minority population of the whole material complex from Boston to Norfolk, the whole of southern Florida and of southern California, and the metropolitan centers of Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis. A demagogue might lead us in this battle for survival. The voice of Sweet Reason will not, and constitutionally, cannot.

In this degenerate era, such an apocalyptic notion may give Majority intellectuals a severe case of the cowardly quivers. How horrible! How ghastly! How amoral! How incredible that a Human being could dream of a violent defense of his race! Our puppet leaders didn't quail at the dropping of atomic weapons on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I find no convincing evidence that anyone was bothered when the Allied air fleets pulverized beautiful old Dresden and incinerated more than a hundred thousand men, women and children refugees. Who is bothered today (besides a few columnists) by the bestiality in Cambodia and Vietnam? Who cares about the 60 Million Chinese who were murdered to nourish communism in China or the equal or greater number of whites who were liquidated for the same reason in Russia? War is hell, one of our famous warmongers said. The purpose of any war is to win it. We may not know it, but we are in an out-and-out war for survival, and we are losing. How does one barbarism differ greatly from another? Quantitatively, perhaps?

America is terminally ill with the cancer of Minority Racism. The only solutions - armed defense, repatriation or geographical separatism and regrouping are far too radical to even be considered by the Majority elite, let alone the Majority masses. Yet, is not the cancer largely centered in 'the specified geographic areas? If radical surgery can sometimes eliminate cancer in the physical body, why could it not be equally effective in the body politic?

Obviously, the necessary surgery will never take place. No such a scheme has the ghost of a chance either to be considered or executed. What, then, is to be done? Nothing. There is nothing that can be done. The Majority, as a racial entity, is on the downhill slope to oblivion and there is no power on earth that can arrest the slide short of the radical response we cannot tolerate. Cursed with our Christianity and paralysed by our conscience, we must in the last resort be our own executioners.

The ultimate result of our racial suicide is the only consolation older generations can derive from these grim projections. What the enemy does not and cannot comprehend, or realize, is that no organized social order in America can survive without the Majority. When the last white skin disappears into the savage mobs of Mud People, the Rule of Law will vanish. Once again, as it was eons ago, might will make right. Not one of these other races can fill the civilization vacuum which will be created by our obliteration.

So, ******, to bring this diatribe to an end, our salvation cannot come (if it can come at all) from the elite you address with your fine articles in ************, but from the Majority lumpen proletariat, which doesn't read ************. This bleak future, viewed through a glass darkly, holds no promise whatever. For a brief while, as time goes, our Race stood on the very threshold of genetic godhood, but in its innate, inherent goodness lay the seeds of its own destruction.

I give you an "A" for effort; "0" for results.

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