Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cry me a river

It would appear that the so-called Australian (Israeli) Protectionist Party is shedding members like a dog does fleas. Yet another one is ‘going away mad’ because he can’t get his own way and make everyone think exactly like he does. What a pack of sad, puerile little pricks they are. This is to be expected though from what are essentially the dregs of the movement who formed a council of the pariahs because they found wandering by themselves in the political desert just too lonely. Talk about the stuff John West rejects.
The latest dirty rat to jump overboard and swim away from the sinking garbage scow that is the SS A.P.P. is Luke Connors aka ‘Libertine’, one of the principals in the recent (semi) coordinated efforts to destroy Whitelaw Towers and other True White Nationalists. This, as far as we can ascertain, is his SECOND ‘retirement’ from the A.I. Forum. Perhaps he’ll return again soon like some political John Farnham on a ‘comeback’ tour…
What a friggin’ joke.

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“This forum was meant to be a place where normal people could get away from the nazis (sic) at scumfront. (sic) Now I see a new poster Guardian posting nazi (sic) gibberish without even a reprimand.”

We believe that what he means by ‘gibberish’ is not only anything that is actually critical of Jews or Israel but anything that is not PRO Jews and PRO Israel ENOUGH. Also all posters on their ‘forum’ must remember to maintain the correct level of Anti-Muslim hysteria at all times regardless of subject matter.

“Time for me to leave and let this place become yet another anti-semitic (sic) sewer like so many tinfoil-hatland (sic) places on the internet. Sad really, it had so much promise.”

...*Blubber*... *Sniffle*...
‘anti-semitic’? What? You just gotta be shittin' us! The only Internet site more pro Jewish and pro Israel in Australia would be AIJAC! The cock head talks about 'tin foil hats' yet he sees 'Nazis' behind every door and emerging from every shadow!?!?!!!

“Have fun Guardian, try and pull a few sock puppets in to agree with your inane and mostly insane blatherings (sic) and the place will be all yours in a few weeks. It is clear that the admins (sic) have no wish to keep this place nazi-free. So by this choice of theirs this place must be me-free.”

Altogether now. Boo Hoo!

“Farewell to all the good poster (sic) on here past and present, and especially to mutie, (sic) who really did the most [despite raving at times] to keep this place interesting.”

Well it’s been a laugh for US anyways.
See ya!

"All the best. This time I will not be back. Please delete my account.”

Wow! It’s amazing what the fear of ‘Nazis’ will drive some creatures to…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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