Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Damaged Goods.


A SOUTH Australian man
who tracked down his former girlfriend on the Gold Coast before allegedly slicing open her cheeks and cutting off part of her tongue has appeared in court.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, 21, was not required to enter a plea during a brief appearance in Southport Magistrate's Court this morning, but faces charges of grievous bodily harm, acts intending to main or disfigure causing grievous bodily harm and torture over an horrific incident at a Surfers Paradise unit in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The police report submitted to the prosecution at court today gave a sickening account of the injuries sustained by 20-year-old Catherine Jessica Cameron, who police will allege moved to the Gold Coast six months ago to get away from her former partner, who eventually followed her because he "wanted to repair the relationship".

Police claim the young woman was out with friends on Friday night when she received a series of threatening messages and went back to her unit.

Once home she was allegedly confronted by Tahir, who hit her repeatedly with an empty rum bottle, leaving her with a fractured eye socket before placing her in a headlock and holding a knife to her throat.

Police will allege he then put the knife in her mouth, slicing both of her cheeks and cutting her tongue in half.

She told police she "played dead" so he would stop hurting her.

She remains in hospital after being treated for her shocking injuries.

Tahir was arrested at the unit a short time later after police received a triple-0 call.

Appearing for Tahir, defence barrister Bernard Battley said his client would make an application for bail at the next court appearance, to be held at Southport on November 26.

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