Thursday, November 25, 2010

Electronic rent a crowd ramp up pressure on local residence.

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Ultra Left Wing runs smear campaign on the internet, and stacks local meeting to support Left Wing stooge Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.

Residents start to crack under Left wing smear campaign! "the freight train is coming and you either get out of the way or you get on board."


The Government has been dealing with protests about its recently-announced detention centres in the Adelaide Hills and Western Australia.

At a public meeting in the Adelaide Hills on Wednesday night, Mr Bowen got a taste of the hostilities.

It is planned to house 400 asylum seekers at Inverbrackie, in former defence housing, from next month.

But the tensions are not far from the surface.

Mr Bowen struggled to be heard at times when he spoke at the meeting at Lobethal, just a few kilometres from the detention site at Inverbrackie.

"We don't want a detention centre on our land," one meeting participant said.

"Will you guarantee the safety of my family?" another asked the minister.

Opponents held up placards condemning the Government's plan. One sign used the word Labor to spell a new acronym: Look, Another Boat Of Refugees.

But unlike past meetings, there was a bigger contingent of refugee supporters ensuring they were also heard.

In the Adelaide Hills, Briohny Pitts from the Woodside Action Group has led the campaign against the Inverbrackie centre, but now concedes the community appears to be relenting.

"People have come to the realisation that the freight train is coming and you either get out of the way or you get on board."

One only needs to read the comments from non residence to see the true hatred in our community.


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What the hell is the morality involved with not helping people who need it? I listened to some of the Germanic arseholes in the meeting tonight - that region was settled by German and Silesian refugees - what bastards and morons.

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Asylum seekers should be allowed to live in the community after health and security checks. In Sweden, children are only ‘detained’ for a matter of hours, and adults several days. We’re the only country that has MANDATORY detention. It’s unnecessary, cruel and unjust, and very very expensive. It costs well over a $1000 each day to detain a person on Christmas Island, as opposed to about $280 per day in Villawood - community housing costs less than that! It’s just ridiculous on all levels!

If someone can research Sweden and point to horrific jumps in crimes of????please give me the email address. We’re a racist and ugly lot, who allow these people to be treated in a manner we’d be outraged over if Australians were treated in the same manner! It’s disgusting and frustrating!

Will this do?


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I was in lobethal today and I did see a socialist Alliance sticker placed over a Australia first sticker. I immediately ripped the red sticker of and placed it in the bin.
So yes the filth were there last night. I do expect them to do some campaigning up there very soon.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Well my friend take a camera along and take some happy snaps for us. Send them to Good work by the way.

Anonymous said...

No worries I will do!
Also Ive sent all appropriate information/pics ect to Aust First!
Its really gd to see S.A AF blog site up and running!