Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates


Anonymous said...

Is this fork tongued Kosher Klown a Kike ?

Jews.....discovering the "truth" consensual gentile jewpe by gentile jewpe.

Onto the tools said...

It was raised in Parliament by a Jew as part of the dog and pony show....The Fained indignation of the Jew is typical of this brood and attempts to shame "gentiles" into believing a jewish lie as truth. "Covered himself with ridicule" ? you slimy fucking Judasic Kapo.... Bracken names it correctly as a coward and by implication a Judas.

Feign is "astonished"...well fucking BooHoo to you snivelling JewBoy. And yes Feign, he has been granted the opportunity to lead with the consent of his "gentile" constituency, are you Judas, are envious that you are and forever will be recognised as a perpetraitor, predator and collaborator with your "G_d", the father of all lies.

Trade union members, mostly mere "gentile" stand shoulder to shoulder with you John Bracken.

Anonymous said...

comments from wearchangewa welcome of course.....who runs it, why and its purpose.

bushranger said...

Absolutely brillant video.

Well done to Anthony Lawson.

Anonymous said...

O'Connell's trial was due one week after the Israeli Ambassador came to Perth to support that little jerk in the video that made the original complaints.

So get this - O'Connell is broke, homeless half the time, battling to find the money for an internet connection, followed around by all and sundry (i know I spoke to him recently) and he's afraid to work with his mates in case people start getting their tires slashed or their brake lines cut like his mate he USED to live with. And this little prick (Kaiser) has the state government AND the state of Israel working for him! Unbelievable! There were over 30 local and federal members of parliament at that Friends Of Israel rally as well.

HELLO! Something smells in Perth!

O'Connell said it..."this is big. This is bigger than you think".

The media will be ALL OVER THAT TRIAL when it gets going!

Think about it! The ISRAELI AMBASSADOR comes to Perth and Stanley Kaiser is the key note speaker at the rally! One week before O'Connell's trial on August the 16th!

"It's big. It's bigger than you think." I remember when he said that on the Channel 7 news back in early 2009.

He is going to give it to the bastards something shockin on his favorite subject - Israeli shananigans with communications in the military, police and civil comms!

Go Brendon!

One against 1000 of the bastards!

I am gonna be there at the trial!