Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hodges ratchets it down just one more notch...

From the so-called 'Australian (Israel) Protectionist Party' Forum:
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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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“So after a few weeks of Peter Campbell carrying on like f***wit, and as a great follow-on from that epic fail of 'outing' slackbastard,”

AGAIN you assume, or pretend to assume, everything on Whitelaw Towers is the work of one poster.

“reading his hilarious conspiracy theories and watching him flail about trying to find out who his latest enemy is whilst dragging me”

Ooer! Poor widdle innocent Dazzles. Dwagged into the nasthty nazi’s shitfight. You have orchestrated much of this and you will regret starting something you are utterly incapable of finishing.

“(and everybody else) into his futile delusions - including outing random people who would only be dimly aware of his existence whilst all the time he is screaming like a stuck pig about the same - it turns out that it may well be actually be one of his own!”

Well, there you go folks, as close as one will get to a confession from the Dazzler that he has been actively working with some malcontent ex-member of K.N. Oh, and we know WHO and who he’s been ‘channelling’ through but it simply ain’t worth it to mention his name on here…yet. You know what they say too Dazzler? What goes around comes around. It’s a small world here in Sydney and it’s amazing how you can just bump into some people.
Out of the blue as they say.

“Incidentally, I recently heard a rumour that Jason Rafty had taken the money and run! Club Nation must be a real barrel of laughs!”

Also as far as ‘fuckwit’ goes Hodges, you bring entire new vistas of meaning to the term you brain damage case. Also, cut the crap with the “I heard it on the grapevine” shit. You have been in this up to your neck from day one and the name of your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy Klub Nation Sydney. Why? Because it is strong and real whereas you and your little boy’s club are weak and figments of your own addled imaginations.

“Over the past month WLT have proven themselves to be complete and utter f***wits of the highest order! Keep it up guys, you have provided us with many minutes of entertainment. And if Campbell or Perran (sic) do publish my personal details, they will find the constabulary knocking on their respective front doors. Enjoy!”

Oh, now that IS funny. Very funny, in fact. There’s more than just a shade of the old Darp there Dazzles. On the one hand you’re engaged in a not so legal campaign, by proxy, to assassinate the character of an adversary and on the other you’ll lift your skirts up like an old lady and go shrieking to Constable Plod with lurid tales of victimisation. Talk about wanting it both ways. Hypocrisy is an inadequate word to cover what you do.

“oh, (sic) and I'll finish with Pete's favourite tagline:

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

That’s right, keep laughing Dazzles…while ya still can…

“Suck (sic) to be you Pete!”

Now that sounds like something you’d hear some fourteen year old schoolgirl saying as she taunts some rival on the bus. You really are a big girl’s blouse Dazzles. And you STILL can’t spell to save your miserable life, you illiterate retard.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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