Thursday, November 04, 2010

How Zionists Divide and Conquer

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Anonymous said...

Divide and disseminate like a veritable viral plague

Sudden Gusts of hatred from the Gentiles ? As opposed to the implacable peristalted continuum of hatred codified as “religion”, and by which the Jews are happy to reference behaviour as emulated Jewish Robotim.
The JewBorg whine that any obstructive and informed reaction to its predatory parasitic and profligate pilfering is spittle spewing “hatred” that pouisecutes its precious princessly sensitivies. “FightDemBack”
“FightDemBack” whine the thieves and Weezils of Jewry...”It is our right to advantage ourselves unhindered by Gentile opinion, and it frustrates us when the Goyim will not behave as the animalian bipedals the Rabbi says they are...Oh Moe is me, and Curly and Larry.”
Darp aka TOBOR.....The backwards and transparently solicitous Jewish robot.