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Libertine crawls out of the latrine...

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
Reply #348 on: November 12, 2010, 11:33:47 AM

“So Martel, hows that little anti-WLT project of yours going..”

This is a pathetic attempt to distance himself and his closest cronies from the, by now quite extensive, network of loonies obsessed with the destruction of Whitelaw Towers. Seriously folks, and we mean this most sincerely, we have been performing this largely thankless White Community service against the Reds and their collaborators among the false ‘nationalists’ for many a year now and we stand by our record.

This has never been, contrary to the poisonous claptrap spewed by the likes of Luke and James and Darrin, an ego trip. All we ever expected was due credit and a little nodding respect from other True White Nationalists for our efforts, credit where credit is due, that’s it. If at times we might appear to gloat at our enemy’s consternation as we kick their arses then we are sorry but that is one of the very small bonuses we get from all the hard work we have put in over the years.

ALL of our apparently ‘ad hominem’ attacks on certain low brow cretins have been entirely in RESPONSE to them initiating such attacks upon us. We have NEVER started a fight on this Blog, EVER but we have finished a few. We are always reacting and responding to attacks on White Nationalism in general. Most of our work has been going in to bat for others who have been cruelly targeted by the Reds and their collaborators. We receive a good amount of supportive messages for our work from behind the scenes. The cowardly nature of the vicious attacks upon certain individuals usually frightens them so much they won’t even post a message on our Blog and ask that we do not even mention their stories. They just want a quiet life.

This is the side of Whitelaw Towers which our enemies are either unaware of or refuse to give us credit for. So, as you can see, we have to put up with abuse from lowly primitives like Hodges who sit hunched, ape-like over their keyboards, licking their own protruding foreheads, and launching spiteful attacks on real, genuine Political Soldiers who have dedicated their lives to the salvation and resurgence of the White Race.

“Seriously, if someone wants to get all super-spy type, how about investigating red groups?”

Duh! This is precisely, and the dope knows this, why the Victor Whitelaw Project was initiated in the first place and anyone who has been following the events of the past six years or so also knows we have had some real success in resisting and countering the vicious tactics of the likes of ‘Fight Dem Back’ and others. In fact, we have been almost a lone voice in this respect and have not only received little help but have been criticised for wasting our time doing so!?!

“Or do you seriously need to validate yourself by running after old fat men and poking them with a stick?”

Well Luke Connors, if you and your bum chum Darrin Hodges think this particular ‘old fat man’ is such an easybeat, why not come on down to our next Sydney meeting and try your luck. We simply can not do fairer than that. Or, and he is more than willing to accommodate you, how about he comes to one of your meeting s next time you are in town? You see, real White Nationalists who have put in the hard yards and actually achieved things for over a decade don’t have to and certainly won’t put up with shite from piss ant losers like you who have never done anything of consequence.

“The reds are real, the nazis are not, please put your efforts where they might actually be noticed by someone who is not a nazi or on this forum.”

As an anonymous commenter opined on this very site, there is VERY little substance to the A.P.P. outside of Hodges’ hard drive. It is YOU shower of retarded misfits that are not real. The fact that of late you have deemed it necessary to expel some that were even too embarrassing for your sad little act speaks volumes about your own lack of critical standards as well as their low calibre.

“Reds are easy to bait. Show up at a freaking paper stall, act friendly, get a few names and then get a mate to take some pictures.”

That’s right, big brave Luke, incite someone else to do exactly what you lack the spine to do yourself. Now that’s what we call the methodology of the gutless provocateur.

“How f*cking hard is that? I could do it this afternoon if I had a f*cking camera".

What? You don’t own a camera? Well, how fucking ‘REAL’ are you? You’re another of these ‘Five Dollar Nationalists’ who couldn’t even pony up the bus or train fare to Town Hall. How VIABLE are you?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Just keep having your pathetic little soirees amid the stench of poverty, both real and intellectual, peopled with society's dregs and scrabbling over the packet of stale Iced Vo Vo’s and the bottle of flat lemonade. Oh, what an impressive White Revolutionary army you are. Really, you need to speak to Darp again and employ the same methods he did to exploit a few more shekels from your Yid handlers. That way you might even be able to afford non generic soft drink and biscuits for your next gala meeting.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
‘Iron Bark’ eh?
A real ‘Iron Bark’ is not as hard and thick as your microcephalic skulls.

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