Saturday, November 06, 2010

Little Jewish Princesses

The Tel Avision has been serving up Kosher Female ‘role models’ for some time now and we here at Whitelaw Towers feel the time might be somewhat overdue for a brief review of some of these 'interesting' creatures.

Okay, so just about everyone in the world of entertainment, regardless of Race or Religion, needs a touch of the old ‘powder and filler’ to enhance or prolong their attractiveness to their paying public but the following examples have not only been ‘spackled up a treat’ but, in most cases have had some major facial reconstructions.

We wonder what happened to the days when many if not most Movie actors and Musical performers had a t least a modicum of natural beauty. It is obvious to us that the following freak show indicates there is more emphasis on elevating Chosenites to cult status, regardless of beauty and/or talent, rather than promoting true, intrinsic attractiveness and ability.

We also fully acknowledge that anyone can have a ‘bad hair day’ or be snapped by a photo hack after a night on the turps but really take a good look at some of these photographs and study the entire physiognomy closely. There’s more required than just two minutes in front of the mirror with a comb and a little bit of lippy to prepare these plug ugly Kikes for public display. They are pure 'product'. There is nothing real about them.

The Jews are not a pretty sight. No wonder Helena Rubenstein sold so much makeup in her day. We also apologise in advance to those who might not only have difficulty believing some of these pics are of the same people but also in discerning the ‘good’ pics from the ‘bad’ (honest) ones.

Pink. The sultry 'sex kitten' look.

Pink. The no makeup 'Dyke' look.

Sarah Jessica Parker. The Nose Knows.

Sarah Jessica Parker. The scraggy look.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Otherwise known as 'Lady Gaga' looking almost Human...sorta...

Then...perhaps NOT so...

Speculation apparently rages as to whether there was a nose 'adjustment'...

Amy Winehouse looking like any well fed Israeli Princess who's been living off Goyim children's blood and Palestinian body parts since childhood

...Then...looking like Patti Smith's lovechild after a couple of years hangin' off a spike and jackin' smack... WHAT a 'role model'...

Stay tuned for more pics. There's plenty more where these come from...

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