Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mat Lee Henderson is still hanging about.

Sadly not from a tree. Seeing as he is still playing games we thought we would dig up some of his old posts. Caution disgusting.

Inside the mind of a modern day anti racist come Lawyer. Mathew talks today of his friendship with a reborn Christian.


I had someone hang-up in my ear this evening.

A devout Christian friend of mine rang me tonight for a chat. He wasn't always a member of the god squad, matter of fact he used to spend most of his time wanking furiously over pictures of Wendy James from Transvision Vamp. Now he won't even admit to wanking.

I'd just like to add at this point that I have had four tosses in the last 24 hours. The most recent one was over Angelina Jolie in her Oscar’s outfit.

Anyway, my mate and I got talking about the new Mel Gibson film, The Passion of the Christ. The conversation ran like this.

Me: So you reckon it's historically accurate?

Benny Hinn: Yeah, pretty much. Over dramatised but still accurate.

Me: Do you think it unnecessarily dredges up too much shit against the Jewish leadership of the day?

Benny Hinn: No, I think it tells it like it was. If Joe Gutnick and his mates can't handle it, then they shouldn't go see it.

Me: Hmmm....still, I don't really see a need to be intentionally divisive. Two thousand years is a long time to point the finger. I can understand why some sectors of the Jewish community are a bit CROSS about it.

Benny Hinn: Yes, but it is all historical fact so it isn't something that you can just gloss over for the sake of congeniality.

Me: I guess, Jesus I'm getting hungry, it's been a while since my LAST SUPPER.

Benny Hinn: Will you stop being a fucking idiot!

Me: What? You trying to NAIL me for blasphemy again?

CLUNK! Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep.

What did I say?


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Anonymous said...

This is prima facie evidence that no one chokes chickens like a judaic...

It is surprising that this thing is admissible in court other than as judaic jester. But it is svelte, it wears noice suits and its ostensibly caring public face adequately conceals its black Judas heart from the witless.

It is the existential manifestation of "The Jew" slithering about the courts of the 'gentile' making a mockery of the idea that the court is transparent and accountable to the immutible truth.

An except from Pope Benedict XVI's new book, Light of the World:

... naturally what happened in the Third Reich struck us as Germans, and drove us all the more to look at the people of Israel with humility, shame, and love.

The Pope of Pukery ?

The current Pope is a f***ing disgrace and something other that what he appears to be. Does he speak for any "gentile".

Light of the Werld...Jews ?...Now THAT is funny. Consider that the Rabbis feel that the finger nail of the likes of this MLH Klown is worth more that the lives of a thousand non jewish animals. MLH probably believes it too, and then accuses the "goyim" of all the usual fork tongued shit that only his brood can bluster.

Every Jew wants to be revered, worshipped, deferred to, acknowledged and carried on the extend arms of the rest of heros they feel themselves to be. When don't need any more judaist heroes. Always overlooked, they habitually refocuss with disdain to feverishly blow their own Shofars and notoriou strumpets, award themselves names like GoldStein, SilverStein, Goldenman, Rubenstein, ShpunkFlien because most of us are loathe to join the audience to watch and participate in the profane and the feverishly vulgar.

Why do you think the likes of Barf gravitated to the administration of the trade union movement...So he could do anything for the 'goyim' ? The prick couldn't give a shit about the yokel trade union member....It cares only about kosher kudos, 'helping' care for the goyim like the much chosen afflicted 'mother' it is. Provides itself with legitimacy as a supposed 'light unto the trade unionists werld'..... All union members might consider forming a new union if their current union has been overrun by kudoseeking kikes like the much chosen afflicted barf...Then he can have his own union of One to demonstrate that his activism is and was only ever about his as a "Jew".

Still hangin' around alright, like Gollies lobbed by G_d on the ceilings of a school latrine.

Anonymous said...

Something about this just doesn't sound kosher :) Maybe someone should contact the Police? Or at the very least contact the relevant authorities about this obvious mis- use of the judiciary?

Oh Mathew you crazy guy.

doc marten general manager said...

i wonder if matt is still a member of the labour party. last i heard, he had joined the greens. never trust a man who shaves his balls.