Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Mick Dundee' goes feral...again...

More hissing and spitting, and a little bit of pissin' and moanin', from the A.P.P.'s stooge brigade:
“You mean it takes ALL of you to fight Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges?”

What? Are you claiming that those are the only ones in A.P.P.? Aren't at least YOU going to be there too 'Mick'? Also, any regular reader of this Blog and the A.P.P. Forum will have seen that we have only EVER responded in kind to threats made against us. WLT do not start conflicts but our pledge still stands. We WILL finish them.

“What a pack of pussies.”

Oh! WE’RE the ‘pussies’ now, are we? We’ve been trying our level best for a long time now to settle this issue like White Men but it has been YOU and your little girly bum chums who have hidden behind multiple online ‘identities’ on various forums and resisted every attempt at a showdown. YOU are just another barber’s cat. All piss and wind.

“Besides we all know the cops are so far up your arse with a metal baton,”

Really? Why would that be? You’re not ‘fessing up now are you, to going whining to the cops about us? WHAT a Man. What a big guy! Also, why the obsession with bottoms and batons? Remember it's US that's supposed to be 'faggots'.

“ you can't do jack shit or they will bust you,”

“Bust” us? What FOR precisely? Our drug dealing? Our people smuggling of Neo Nazi refugees from Argentina? Our international gun running syndicate? Our Jewish slave trade conspiracy? Our Satanic paedophile ring? Our child sacrifices at our barbecues? Our bombing of Synagogues? Our devilishly cunning plan to invade Israel? Our planned Nazi Death Star strike on Tel Aviv?

Mate. Do yourself a HUGE favour and get professional help NOW!

“and now you have openly threatened the APP on your blog, there is proof of intent.”

“Intent”? Intent for what? To defend ourselves against a stream of anonymous and semi-anonymous threats from YOU fucktards?

“Haven't you morons ever heard of Google Caching?”

Erm actually we do it all the time. We did it with all YOUR tripe. Not bad for “morons” eh?

“You can't delete it.”

No such intent was ever considered or stated.

“Fat old Nazi moron.”

There we go AGAIN with the physical insults. Who’s the ‘cat’ and the ‘bitch’ again?

“As for the rumble, how about I come to your house in Pitt st Peter....?”

Well it’s obvious you know where to find at least ONE of us so why not just stop flappin’ yer gums and front up, HERO? I’ll be the pathetically unfit, stooping, staggering drunken biker dude with the long grey beard, huge beer gut, saggy tits, three chins and soft fat arse. It’ll be easy. Just do it. Don’t let fear, and perhaps a creeping uncertainty, stop you.

“Don't you have the balls to come alone, old Nazi saggy tits.”

“Come” where exactly? You’ve gone out of your way to remain anonymous so we are still only operating on a ‘best guess’ scenario here.

“Pity, such a big mouth needs a big posse to feel brave.”

“Big mouth”? That is hilarious coming from you. Whoever you really are.

To merely say that ‘Mick Dundee’ is struggling with certain unresolved issues would be to grossly understate his dire mental condition. This is a real, fair dinkum damage case. Perhaps, like his ‘heroic’ mentor Darrin Hodges, he has sustained some critical neurological trauma. Or are we perhaps witnessing, in his irrational ‘reasoning’, his illogical conclusions and fits of impotent rage, the clear indicators of steroid abuse?

Sadly, like all keyboard commandos ‘Mick’ appears to be all mouth and no heart.

Strange also, is it not, that Mark Wilson aka ‘Saxon’ recently told a very reliable WLT contact that ‘Mick Dundee’ was banned from the A.P.P. Forum on the grounds they suspected him to be an FDB agent!?!?!!!! But…now he’s (apparently) welcomed baaack…and it’s a literal felch-a-thon between him and Hodges. Talk about suck-holes. But, and he said so himself, Hodges doesn’t even WANT to know who ‘Reactor’ is.

Yeah right.

Like he didn’t know all along.

Hmmm. Can anyone else here detect some…erm…inconsistencies?

What possible shred of credibility can remain at A.P.P.? They are nothing more than a tatty wad of proverbial Three Dollar Notes.



Whitelaw Towers said...

I find them rather typical of the frauds who once chocked SFDU from 05/07.

These people have no idea of who is who outside of the Synagogue. Every thing they touch goes to shit, including the BNP.

They have no one else to blame but themselves. They could have simply moved on, yet they chose to hang around and commit political suicide right in front of us.

Does anyone seriously believe that Hodges or Wilson will ever be anything more than side issue.

One has to wonder what Andrew in SA thinks let alone Andrew from Vic. You know what they say, lay with dogs you will get up with fleas.

I once saw the APP as a part of a two prong attack on the system along with Australia First. A part of a growing movement, one that could cater to Civic Nationalist and Hard line Nationalists alike.

Keep the two separate and attack from all angles. Hodges destroyed that before it even got off the drawing board.

This latest episode reminds me of the demise of FDB. We are witnessing the death throws and I am enjoying every bit of it.

The longer they drag it on the more fun it is to watch.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Oh what skills of deduction.

Mark "Nazi Tolerator" Wilson did ban me because I stood up against the Jew Haters, which he so lovingly wanted in the group.

I am solo you Lard and Beer Gut bikers are so tough, why do you need all of you for just little old Mick?

I know who you are Peter, I know where you live. If I wanted to get you, I could do it any time. No doubt any arranged meeting would be grossly unfair with 10 of you armed with guns and knives. I just roll with my fists.

I can't expect any kind of honour out of you biker scum.

I just wanted you to know I could pick you off anywhere, any time, when you least expect it, so behave.

Sweet dreams.