Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Need to go shopping?

Well you can shop and do the right thing by Aussie Beef producers and for the health of our nation, all in the same day. Apologies to our US readers. Nothing personal.


#262 (17.11.10)


Electronic Bulletin of Australia First Party

Mad Cow Beef Protest Is National

The campaign to get the Mad Cow Disease threat off Australian supermarket shelves is well under way. Supermarkets have felt the protest in places as diverse as Tamworth, Adelaide metro area, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Sydney metro area and Newcastle.

The item below tells you how to help in the campaign. Support Aussie beef producers and local jobs.

Supermarket Protest

Join with a mass of Aussies in a supermarket protest against U.S beef products being sold illegally in our stores. There is supposed to be a beef ban in place with the USA since 2003 which covers current beef products from the U.S.A.

The protest is simple, all you need to do, is go to your local Coles and Woolworths, Franklins, Foodworks and IGA stores; take all the Hormel Stagg Chilli, Hormel Compleats and Hormel Kids Kitchen meals and Spam off the shelf and put it all in shopping trolleys and leave the trolleys at the checkout area, then leave the store.

This is not against the law.

If you wish, you may leave a typed or hand written note in a trolley with the Hormel USA beef meals, stating, "The Manager, this product is banned in Australia: for further information please contact Dr. Colin Grant CEO Biosecurity Australia on: 02 69723933

This protest has been organised nation wide. So we can keep track off what stores have been protested, we request you phone through after you have completed the mission to the Message Line 02 85870014 of Australia First party which is supporting the protest and simply leave a message re: what stores you protested and in what area ( suburb/town and state ). You do not have to leave your name as this group is only providing this facility as support to this campaign.

Repeat the process at as many supermarkets as you wish and repeat at the one you just targeted in a couple of days.

Then Also Contact Supermarket Head Offices

Coles . 1300304990 ; Woolworths.... 1300135638 ; Franklins.... 1800 004 844 ; I.G.A.... 02 9751 8200 ; Foodworks :...Melbourne... 03 9809 8600 , QLD...... 07 3340 5200

Tell them what you’ve done, that others are doing it and that you want this dangerous rubbish banned from their stores.

Join With Other Activists In Demonstration Action

There will be actions against some politicians at their Electorate Offices where will be invited to EAT SOME. There will be actions where these dangerous products are deposited in chemical hazard bins. To volunteer, contact a sponsoring organisation esp. the Facebook page: Support Aussie Farmers Say No To Imported Beef

Ring Radio Talk-Back In Your City Or Area

Be informed. Go to the Support Aussie Farmers, Say No To Imported Beef Facebook site and get informed. Print out some of the material aLinknd learn your stuff. Ring and put the message over. Tell people to act and ONLY buy Australian products.

Supported by many groups: Support Aussie Farmers, Say No To Imported Beef Facebook site; Australia First Party, Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association and independent farmers, members of various parties and community groups

More info on Mad Cow Disease HERE

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