Thursday, November 25, 2010

Need To Urgently Contact Kay Griggs

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Many of you will know of the explosive interview - 7 hours long - between Kay griggs and Pastor Strawcutter from 1997. Kay was the wife of Marine Colonel George Griggs, who was the co-ordinator of assassinations and "dirty trick" - Psychological Operations - for a loosely affiliated N.A.T.O group, that drew assassins from all over the world.

Mr Brendon O'Connell is seeking to contact Kay Griggs with the hope she will appear as an "Expert Witness" or an "Expert Lay Witness" in his upcoming trial.

Time is short.

Up to 19 "witnesses", familiar with issues surrounding the Israeli State and it's "Sayanim" network have agreed to make statements on Mr Brendon O'Conell's behalf.

There are two placements for a "witness" to appear via Video Link, all expenses paid by the state of Western Australia.

Mr O'Connell wishes Kay griggs to be one of them.

If you know how to contact Kay Griggs please contact Mr Mark Glenn of "The Ugly Truth" website...

It is noted that Mrs Kay Griggs's website has been recently taken down. Mrs Griggs is a major target due to her incredible interview. Please afford her the oppurtunity of major media exposure.

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