Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pulling Teeth

Softly, softly catchee monkey…

Like the vile, toxic pus extracted, via syringe, from a plague victim’s festering bubo Old Victor’s careful and surgical drawing out of the poisonous entities from the so-called Australian Protectionist Party continues very much according to plan…


You first ‘Mick’…

You dopey, dopey c*nt ‘Dundee’. I can NOT lose in this scenario in which you have painted yourself into the corner. Can everyone say ‘Doh!’? Even if by some miracle you were to prevail in any physical confrontation between us (doubtful) it is absolutely guaranteed that YOU will look like the absolute f*ckwit by beating up on an ‘old man’ more than twenty years your senior. Not exactly a lot of bragging rights or glory in that, is there?

There would however, on the other hand, be plenty for ME to crow about as I tell all and sundry about my beating seven shades of sickly yellow shite from a cocky young braggart who was so arrogantly delusional and over keen that he simplistically thought grey hair and a beer belly made for an easy mark.

We sincerely hope you turn out to be more of a challenge than the last ‘contender’ who frequented gymnasiums and regaled all within earshot (and beyond) with his lurid tales of glory. Like a cheap Chinese firework, he was a real fizzer. To be precise he was AWOL at every serious arranged ‘meet up’. Seems his ‘balls of steel’ rusted up and seized tight once he realised he’d actually be in a real fight.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Don't forget now, if yer game,
Pitt Street Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

You know young Mick wont show up . Only dickheads like himself openely brag on the internet how hard they are . I mean does this guy think that no one else has ever gone to a gym , or done various forms of martial arts or boxing ? He sounds like a big noting queer . He's probably already gone and blabbed to the cops, "The big bad Nazis wanna bash me!"

Whitelaw Towers said...

I need some pop corn.

Anonymous said...

Nah...actually I just wanted to get you all riled up so you would all get dressed up in your Village people leather gear, and wait for me to turn up, waiting, waiting, think I'm going to show up, by myself, unarmed to face off with 10 or so guys armed to the teeth? I know how your way would you gutless nancies go 1-one-1, bare knuckle. Not your style.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick , what about that massive crew of SCS boys you claimed to have on the APP forum awhile back ? Dont ya homies got ya back ? Anyway , you wouldn't need them right ? Aren't you Australias premier Muay Thai/Sambo expert ? Dont let fear hold you back son .

Anonymous said...

Micks name is James. I will post his details to you guys at WLT. Do what you like with it.

This guy is a pure nutter who often shares info with the Police. I think he is just setting you guys up on behalf of the Police.

I was a member of the AI forum and SFDU. I first came across James on SFDU when he used the name OzIrishBoy. He has made a name for himself as a informer/enforcer for the Pro Israel Right.

He doesn't have to many friends down our way. In fact I cant see him making it up to NSW anytime soon. Be careful of a trap WLT.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you making announcements to send my "details" to WLT, Mark.

You know where that photo of you will end up if I have any issues.

I hope Paul has kept his mouth shut too, I would be most disappointed if he were to speak of anything.

A trip to WA would not be out of the question.

Have a nice life, chinless wonder.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Again Mick your a dip shit. We have no idea who you are talking about Mark Wilson maybe? Either way you should be very careful about what you do and say.

Its cheaper to fly to QLD. But you may like to go to NSW first and speak with Darrin. Maybe he is willing to shed more light on things for you.

Steroids are bad ok.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick/James what ever your name is. Must suck to be kicked out of a party that is made up of people who nobody wants. That makes you lower then them. What a fucking tosser.

Anonymous said...

No....actually once I found out that Mark Wilson tolerates Nazis, I didn't care. The APP have not learnt from all the mistakes of the BNP.

Once the BNP stopped sneaking Nazis into the party, they started having success. Sadly, the APP are too short sighted to realise this, and learn.

They just want to repeat all the mistakes of the Tyndall period.

I don't miss the Melbourne APP meetings at all, because they were the same for YEARS. Mark Wilson, Andrew Guild, and two Jew haters, and a smart Greek guy.

I tried to bring others along, but they were patriotic people who had been raised by JEWS, and I knew it would not last.

Mark Wilson panicked when the Jew haters from the Nationalist Alternative put pressure on him to get rid of me.

I'm flying solo, and its never been more sane and realistic.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Shit James we are going through all the the motions now. What next tears? We know enough about you with out having you spam us with your life story.

Its like the fucking restless years here.