Monday, November 08, 2010

Reactor the HYPOCRITE and LIAR

He’s a funny old fellow (?) is ‘Reactor’…

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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“So imagine my inner mirth when I finally meet Sydney WLT and discover this very fat, rotund bald guy with a ZZ-top beard whos online exercise in 30 years has been lifting a stubbie.” @
So? Well, imagine OUR ‘inner mirth’ when ‘Reactor’ posted this:

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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“Take it away Peter Campbell, you catty biiiiiiiiitch you!”

Hmmm. Can anyone else spot the hypocrisy there? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Oh, and since we all appear to be operating on a name basis now we suppose we might as well tell it like it really is, eh?

Okay. It goes like this. He’s known as ‘PAT50’ on the A.P.P.’s National deadshit convention referred to as the ‘Australian Identity Forums’ but this idiot’s Pension Card (we shit you not folks) identifies him as a certain Paul. A. Toohey who hails from Newcastle. It’s okay Paul, we won’t be publishing your FULL address. Paul is just another of the legion of Five Dollar ‘Nationalists’ who has been rejected by the Sydney Nationalist group due to his ‘lack of viability’.

On the evening he attended one of the Sydney meetings he had a companion who was rejected due to his ‘Jewish looks’. He was introduced by Toohey as ‘Neal Gillard’ which sounds a lot more ‘Anglo’ than his real name ‘Nil Gilad’. For those not versed in the wily ways of the Chosenites and for those unfamiliar with their names, ‘Gilad’ is a very popular name in Israel, both as a first and a last name. Gilad is also known as ‘Black Night’ from the A.I. Forums. Gilad was a quiet, almost silent observer, and is obviously the brains of the outfit. His online posts show he can at least string together a legible sentence, unlike his retarded friend Toohey. It is more likely that if either of these two clowns have contributed in any way to the ‘Reactor’ project that Gilad has been the one with his fingers on the keyboard. At least he can spell.

‘Libertine’ is actually ‘Luke Connors’, who for some mysterious reason appears to have either appropriated the personal profile of another Luke, a certain Luke SMITH from Canberra who lingered like a bad smell around the AFP in the early ‘noughties’ or is working WITH him. There are some good clear photos available on the ‘net of SMITH attending the AFP Kirribilli House protest a few years back. Hodges can be seen slouching in the background like some reverse Quasimodo.

Connors is a bit ‘creative’ shall we say with online videos and his ‘Outlaw’ video now graces the newly created ‘Brokeback Towers’ Blog. It is clear to WLT that Connors is ‘Reactor’ and may even have actual contact with Smith who was not a popular chappy ‘back in the day’. Being un-liked and un-trusted are the first credentials for any A.P.P. loser.

We fell about laughing when we observed Connors as ‘libertine’ talking to himself as ‘Reactor’ and agreeing that the smear campaign against WLT should be confined to the new site. The return of Connors’ alter ego ‘Reactor’ puts the lie to that little commitment.

Toohey is obviously the main ‘source’ of the half baked ‘information’ being grossly extrapolated with scant regard for the truth by Connors and Co and afforded the A.P.P. imprimatur by Hodges and Co.

‘ZZ Top’ as they so comically call him chatted casually over a few beers to both Toohey and Gilad following the meeting and clearly this is where general conversation included some references to family matters. Toohey spoke quite extensively about his son but White Nationalists are Men not maggots like Toohey so you will NOT be reading anything about HIS offspring on THIS site.

How that warped c*nt turned a casual joke like “Yeah, my eldest son is a bit of a worry. He’s a nurse and doesn’t have a girlfriend. Ha! Ha! Ha!” into ‘His son is openly gay’ and ‘He raised a filthy sodomite’ etc is f*ckin’ twisted sh*t. What a betrayal of trust and a gutless smear on an innocent young bloke. The A.P.P. are DOGS!

You see Folks, some people have NO standards. WE do. We do not attack non combatants and we stick to the facts. A.P.P. cowards are casual, relaxed and comfortable with lying. Their mendacity is executed with ease. We say Damn their black souls to Hell.
Oh, and we nearly forgot. Paul Toohey aka 'PAT50' was involved in a recent online scam to entrap an associate of WLT to run some phoney story he'd concocted involving another fake 'Nationalist' in Victoria. Yeah right. Keep 'em coming you dipshits. That was such a clumsily executed attempt to embarrass a true Nationalist that we could almost (not) feel sorry for the lame arse f*ckwit.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
(@This is all the funnier because 'Reactor' was N.E.V.E.R. there...)


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