Monday, November 22, 2010

The real Doctor Strangelove?

We are almost certain that every regular reader of Whitelaw Towers would be familiar with the name Werner von Braun and would also be aware of his involvement with the development of missile technology and in particular the V2 Rocket program of the Third Reich at high tech research facilities like Peenemünde. Old Werner really WAS a ‘Rocket Scientist’. However, many have probably not heard of the small army of other former Third Reich scientists who worked for the United States immediately following World War Two and whose genius and tireless work led ultimately to putting White Men on the Moon. Perhaps next time you hear or read about ‘Nazi Moon Bases’ or ‘Nazi Flying Saucers’ you won’t snigger QUITE so much.

This army of scientists included Arthur Louis Hugo Rudolph (9th November 1906 – 1st January 1996 Hamburg) who was a German rocket engineer and member of the German National Socialist Party who helped develop and produce the V-2 rocket. After World War Two he was brought to the United States via the brain drain (read theft) scheme known as Operation Paperclip which also scooped up Japanese Medical researchers from notorious military entities such as Unit 731 and worked for the U.S. Army and NASA where he managed the development of several important systems including the Pershing missile and the Saturn V Moon rocket.

In 1984 he was investigated for possible so-called ‘war crimes’ and he agreed to leave the United States and renounce his US citizenship. This seemingly very ungrateful attention, all things considered, came courtesy of the O.S.I. or Office of Special Investigations, an offshoot ‘Nazi hunting’ squad of the Jewish Supremacist Hate Group the ‘Simon Wiesenthal (Slimy Weaselclaw) Centre’. This was the very same O.S.I. that humiliated itself with an embarrassingly amateurish attempt to convict an innocent old Ukrainian born U.S. Citizen, John Demjanjuk, of being the Holohaox’s mythological so-called ‘Ivan the terrible’ of Treblinka.

The shameful abuse of the U.S. legal system, which included the revocation of his U.S. Citizenship, his extradition to the Bandit State of Israel where he languished on death row after a typical Jew Kangaroo Court show trial, ended with acquittal after the Sixth Circuit ruled in November 1993 that the O.S.I. had “acted with reckless disregard of the truth,” and had carried out “proprietorial misconduct that constituted a fraud on the court.”

It would certainly not be overly cynical to conclude that once Arthur Rudolph, and the many other great White European brains, had served their purposes of furthering the New World Order agenda of the Jewish controlled United States of America that they were summarily ‘hung out to dry’ by their former sponsors. Despite the fact that Rudolph had not only been the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida on February 23, 1959 but had also received the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service, the highest Army award for civilians, for his work on Pershing.

In 1949 during an inquiry by the FBI, Rudolph made the following statement about his participation in the German National Socialist Party:
“Until 1930 I sympathized with the Social Democratic Party, voted for it and was a member of a Social Democratic Union. After 1930 the economic situation became so serious that it appeared to me to be headed for catastrophe. I really became unemployed in 1932. The great amount of unemployment caused expansion of national socialist and communistic parties. Frightened that the latter one would become the government I Joined the NSDAP, a legally registered entity, to help, I believed in the preservation of the Western Culture.”
And his reward? Put to work as a slave to the American Space Program and then disowned at the first shrill protestations of the Criminal Zionist Jew Lobby. And, no doubt, Darrin ‘Goldstein’ Hodges of the so called Australian (Israeli) Protectionist Party would rejoice at such treatment of a ‘wicked old nazi’.

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