Friday, November 12, 2010

Scared of the dark?

I am hoping this will be my last comment on Darrin Hodges and the APP. What our partners at WLT wish to write from here is up to them. I have a feeling they are not nearly half way finished with you lot. I truly have better ways of spending my day.

So this morning I jumped on over to the APP forum to see how many more members of this failed Political Group have been turned off by their petty child’s play. Thinking this may be coming to an end I was surprised to read that they wish to carry this further.

I will try as I might to answer a few of these accusations and statements made by these jerks.

I will start with the lesser evil Jaxxen. A word to the wise Jaxxen, I have noticed that you specialise in making statements with out backing them up. If you are going to make claims particularly ones claiming that the numbers murdered by the Allied bombing of Dresden is overstated you better show the evidence. Fact is that if you truly studied all the historical reports you will find your claims disrespectful and down right disgusting. Your expertise in this field and many others is sadly lacking.

Jaxxen APP member wrote about WLT.

“My advice: ignore them. They love the attention and love the response. So don't give it to them. Don't feed their egos. They have no credibility anyway.”

Sorry Jaxxen this isn’t a game nor is it a ego driven enterprise. We attempt to give a voice to those who are continually lied about and smeared by people you associate with. We help and support Australian WN/NS groups and promote them as well as we can. We try our best to create a level playing field by exposing those of you who hide behind screen names while making wild accusations. Its not about us at all.

Jaxxen I would spend a bit more time on keeping an eye on those around you and a bit less time on commenting on us. It’s a fact that you have been attacked more by your fellow members at APP than you have here at WLT. To us you are nothing, my advice stay that way. Your track record of picking the wrong side is proof enough of your stupidity.

Now for the New South Wales head of the APP Darrin Hodges. This can all be laid at his feet. He threw the first stone and WLT has responded. When people speak of being “ego driven” this guy is the front runner. For you Darrin there will be no mercy.

Hodges. “Once more I'm being drawn into Campbell's futile life. He appears bewildered at his growing list of enemies and being unable to cope,”

Darrin it was you that made an enemy of this man and you alone. When speaking of a growing list of enemies it is you that is keeping an eye on the street outside not us.

Darrin it was you and your friends at the APP who are making more enemies each day with your attacks on everyone from David Duke to the loan wolf activists. Dare to stand outside your circle and see who has your back. You may be surprised to find that living inside a bubble is a safer place for you. On the other hand writers of this blog can move freely at any time and work with all the legit WN/NS groups in Australia and overseas.

Hodges on the @ndy Slackbastard outing.

“a) I knew they were wrong and;
b) That the person they published details of may be attacked.”

How did you know Darrin? If you did know why didn’t you help the poor anarchist named and contact us? This is what is called a bet each way. I believe that you do share info with antifa in particular Henderson, as you would say “its just politics”.

Now here is the kicker folks lets answer point b)

It was in fact a member of the APP forum who contacted us via email (yes we have the emails) telling us they had contacted a certain person in Victoria about the details we published on anarchist @ndy. We spoke to his contact in Victoria at length explaining that it may be the wrong @ndy at that radio station. They refused to listen to our request, even though we had been told by employees of 3cr that we had right place just the wrong @ndy.

In the last email from the APP member I mentioned his real name. Since then he has gone to ground. To say that Darrin isn’t aware of this situation is an outright lie. Lie a term used a lot around this guy. Paul may like to drop us a line about this, in his own time of course.

Hodges, “Additionally, this is not an APP forum,”

Looks like someone is going to do a little house cleaning again? Just a little bit of pressure being put on you Dazza? I know if I was in your party the AI forum is last place I would send the “mums and dads” of Australia who are looking at joining the APP. Your loss, keep up the good work.

Hodges. “And Jimbo will no doubt be in the background winding up his toys. Interesting that they are attempting the same tactics against the APP that the British Establishment ( and their leftwing lackeys ) have been doing against the BNP.”

Now here we go again. There seems to be a Jim Saleam around every corner. (Jim Saleam being the head of the Australia First Party). AF has zero influence over this blog. We defend AF in the same way we defend any group that stands for the 14 words.

Claims that the staff here are working with the state are simply more lies. Considering the amount of times this week alone that we have seen the same people claim we are under constant surveillance from the Police this is hardly the case. Hodges is clearly delusional, next he will claim that John Tyndall and Oswald Mosley are channeling through this blog from Valhalla.

It has been shown time and time again by our study of the nationalist movement in the UK that what Hodges has claimed is exactly the opposite. It has also been proven time and time again that the APP are the only ones reading from a script. Australian nationalists threw the hand book away a long time ago. We are writing the script not reading it.

Hodges, “We get attacked by the Nazis and the Communists’.

This wanker is the sole cause of his misery. He along with his Pro Israel mates made the choice a long time ago to attack any one they deemed anti Semitic so they would be accepted by the Australian public. No amount of house cleaning of the AI forum can wipe away what they have said. As with FDB everything they have said will be around as long as this blog survives. They will never be accepted by anyone. A group who continually backs the wrong horse is doomed from the start.

Now for another one of the APP phantoms, shit since we put the pressure on @ndy there seems to be a new one each week to keep us busy.

Martel. “Calm down, Mary. I think you attribute far too much power to WLT, and certainly far too much courage.

Still don't get it? Let me explain. You're at an APP rally. There are lots of cops around because there will be a lot of antis.

Do you really think the WLT mob are going to show up and attack you with 5-6 cops standing around?”

In short Martel the writers have taken on bigger odds than that and won. If we truly need to show we would. You seem to forget that we know far more about your movements than the other way around. We don’t need to bash you, the fact that we would show up and you would run is enough for us to write a nice little article here. We are after all guys with a sense of humor.

Martel” They know if they did anything like this the cops would be right onto it. All hot air and no follow-through, which seems to be typical of WLT if the many obviously empty threats I have read on their blog were never carried out.”

Hang on but we are part of state run conspiracy, didn’t you get the message?

Much like their sponsors from Bnai Brith they depend on the protection and cover of the state so they can smear and deride. You and the Communists Hodges has spoken off use the exact same tactics. You can thank Luke Connors for that.

Martel I can assure I do not make empty threats. In fact I haven’t even made a threat yet. That should tell you something. At this stage you are very amusing in your naivety. How far this goes is up to you. I certainly won’t tip you off like ex APP pro Israel supporter James AKA Mick Dundee is doing as we speak. Now that guy is clearly deranged.

Martel. “Can you tell me if ANYTHING they have threatened to do was ever actually done? Base your fear on that.”

Yes I can. Everything we have said we would do we have done. I have personally been to Sydney on more than a few occasions and contacted Hodges personally along with antifa and asked for a meeting of sorts, only to see the above back down time and time again. You see I don’t fear a flogging or even being killed. My beliefs are sound and I and my colleagues are men of honor. We believe in what we say, that gives us strength and courage to keep the course. You guys, well school yard bullies is probably the best description.

In closing I would like to make one observation that is becoming clearer by the day. Reading the BS on the APP forum tells people an awful lot about the authors. Many like me see you all as a bunch of children walking down a dark hall way repeating to themselves over and over I'm not scared of the dark, only to turn and run because they have no faith in their own words.

You guys just keep trying to convince yourselves with your lies and deceit. No one else is buying it. Now go away and stay away. I have better things to write about like Muslims burning Poppies on Remembrance day for a start.

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