Monday, November 15, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Would I be right in thinking that the gloves are off? :-)

Whitelaw Towers said...

Nah just having a laugh. Its not all work.

Anonymous said...

Gloves? We don't mind skinning our knuckles...

Deep Throat. said...

You lot leave Rabbi ShpunkFlien alone.

He's rationalising the repugnant and calls it "@narchy".

Anonymous said...


That andy is a bit of a nonce like!

Anonymous said...

Slackbasterd seems to be having a few problems with audience perceptions regarding his legitimacy as an "Anarchist"..

Kosher 'anarchy' is Rabbi approved. It recognises and enforces the demarcartion in existence imagined and described in the jewish religious texts. The activism of the jewish @narchist recognises the demarcation and frames his anarchist activism within that context...As an "anarchist" the slackbasterd is a fraud.

The balance of probabilities suggests that the author/s of that blog are Kikes through and through. The blog is silent on the most pernicious and self abusive variant of "racism" ever to have been invented and known as "judaism".. The high and mightily patronising focus of that pharisaic blog is entirely directed towards the imagined transgressions of the "Gentiles" and designed to set one non-jewish group against the other under the pretentious guise of it authors being 'anarchists' caring courageously for the well being of others. The jewdas cares only for itself and its own profit at the expense of others. It kneels and heels to please a higher power.
Not once have any of the ideas that constitute the religion of judaism been tackled by supposed anarchists that fight back innocents who object to judaist predations as would a child with a bit of bottle the impost of the perpetrator.

Lets call the anarchist for what it is...... A jew....either by birth or attitude, and just as shlomo sand suggested the invention of the jewish people, we have a jew inventing itself as a jewish anarchist.....of which there can be no such thing. Judaism is the antithesis of free thought and expression...Judaism, and its existential manifestations, the invented and fraudulent "jews" is/are sugar coated codified totalitarianism and totalitarians. The Jew is the co-opted Kapo that willing enforces the malevolent doctrine of judaism upon other earthly entities.

Jewish "truth" is an much an invention as much as the jewish "people"....Jewish truth is imagined in the hive mind of the jewish borg to be believed and enforced in the mind of the "gentile".

The snide jewish piper 'leads' others to their demise. As malevolent old man of the religous world, the jew takes the child's hand with benevolent demeanour to the precipice...It describes to the child that he too may fly like the gull if only he will stretch his wings and believe...The child believes the jew, extends his 'wings' and leaps from the precipice as if he to can fly. Having watched the believer crash to the rocks below, the jew smiles quietly to itself respelendent in its 'intelligence' then returns to its works and businesses.

That forms the essense of the evil duplicity of the jew, and that is also the purpose of the @anarchist....Believe the faux anarchist at your peril people..

It is the jew.

Anonymous said...

@ndy speaks on the superiority of 'jews' and why gentiles should defer to jewish 'intelligence', despite the fact that there are probably, on a numerical basis, far more equally 'intelligent' 'gentiles'..

A circle of wankers these 'jews'

monstrosly green afternoon said...

I have a dream Mr WhiteLaw....To increase the average "intelligence" of "Eurogenitals", we only need facilitate a holocaust of the most stupid ones such that the average 'intelligence' of the "EuroGenitals" exceeds that of the "Jews"....WE will then be the "Chosen" people, and would be more numerous than the present Chosen. I wanna be a jew and that envy is the source of my 'pathological anti-semitism'....It has nothing do do with an innate gagbag revulsion at public ritualised self abuse and being forced by law to watch and listen to the groans and moans of sado-masochistic self pleasuring.

Did anyone hear the horrible Yenta threaten to cry out and wail in pain while she strikes us simply because the 'gentiles' do not which to participate in their jewishness by playing 'gentile' voyeur.

The Jewish 'religion' is filled to the shit smeared rim with relativism declaring to themselves their own magnificence in reference to the "Goyim" and even god....Non-Jews couldn't give a shit about jews until our carpet is soiled either directly by proxy by jews manifesting magnificently. We are entirely reactive and self defencive to the proactive predations of that Tribe.

Consider that in comparison to the infinite 'intelligence' of the Cosmos, the jew is completely irrelevent exept in the deluded sense of its own fantastic imaginings. The 'difference' "let us diffentiate but integrate the Goyim" upon which the Rabid hangs its dirty hat, between the jew and the gentile is so infintesimally small as to be non-existent.