Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's still plenty of hot air left in that wind bag...

Mick ‘James’ Dundee writes as ‘Anonymous’ in our Comments Section:
Anonymous said...

You really need to start peddling some new material fatty. We're coming up 6 years of this same old tune and what have you got to show for it?

Have fun at KN. The boys love it but are faarrking sketchy about you!

6:15 PM

“coming up to six years”

Well, that’s good as far as we are concerned.

“same old tune”

Well, that’s good too. Whitelaw Towers has stuck to their guns and maintained the only long term and effective voice of resistance to both the Red Left and the false ‘nationalists’.

“and what have you got to show for it?”

There is much that has been accomplished behind the scenes that will remain confidential. Simpletons like you have no idea about the World apart from what they view on the surface and, lacking any imagination or skills of deduction, assume that only what they SEE is the entirety of the picture. You are a basic and primitive unit who thinks with his steroid enhanced (addled) pumpkin head. If it's not on the TelAvision it mustn't have happened.

“Have fun at KN.”

Thanks. We will. There’s nothing like achievement of positive 14 Word outcomes to reward one’s long term investment in the cause of White Survival and Resurgence. You really should try it some time. You know actually DOING something. It’s a very rewarding experience. Oh, by the way. I was disappointed, though not overly surprised at your ‘no show’ the other week. The Real White Nationalists have had more piss and wind blasted at them by losers like you than Komrade Julia could produce in a lifetime.

I was actually so looking forward to it I even had someone on hand with a High Definition Digital Camera with Infra Red capability to record the ‘main event’ for posterity should you actually appear after dark. Now THAT would have made for a great YouTube post. Still, next time you’re in Sydney just let us know where we can meet for a ‘chat’. The offer’s still on if your impotent rage is still bothering you.

“The boys love it but are faarrking sketchy about you!”

Really? That’s absolutely fascinating ‘Mick’.
Do go on.

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