Sunday, November 14, 2010


For some weeks now Old Victor has been collecting information and speculating upon who is really behind the attacks on both WLT and K.N. Building a picture of what has been occurring has been like constructing a jigsaw puzzle in the dark.
Over the past month or two, motor vehicles have been damaged and ‘clues’ conveniently left at the scene to divert the attention of the White Nationalists away from the real perpetrators toward the Reds.
Certain premises and some individuals as well as meetings have been subject to covert surveillance and some property damage has occurred. Threats, both overt and covert, have been issued, even against young children.

Old Victor has been speculating as to whether these attacks and threats are purely coincidental or are linked. What has emerged during the past 24 hours is that Darrin ‘Goldstein’ Hodges has been, to some degree, an unwitting stooge in a game of political revenge pursued by disgruntled former members of K.N. However, he does not get off the hook that easily.

It is also clear now that he has consistently lied when he claimed to not know what all this was about. He has been in regular contact with at least one, possibly two, of these former members and has indulged his blind hatred of WLT by disseminating and/or permitting to be published, many falsehoods and defamatory claims. Some of them of a very personal nature and involving totally innocent and uninvolved parties such as family members and loved ones of the Real White Nationalists. This makes him an accessory both before and after the fact.


As with most matters of this type there are often a lot of links, some very tenuous, to people other than the main antagonists and the irony of some of these connections is certainly not lost on Old Victor. Several are former bitter enemies but politics, as they say, makes for strange bedfellows.

Other opportunistic elements, seemingly peripheral to this central plot, such as 'Reactor' and 'Mick Dundee' have weighed into the bout, taking advantage of the chaos and confusion. Cheap shots have been coming at Old Victor from all directions as these gutless cowards run in to sink the slipper like Lebs in a street bashing. Individually these piss weak scum suckers can be despatched with relative ease, but to be honest, the sheer number of them has been a little bit overwhelming. Still, as they say, when the going gets tough...

Ultimately, no good can come of naming all the individuals involved and the network of connections, either for WLT or K.N. as this merely gives the Red filth like FDB free information and gloating rights over yet more evidence of disunity among the true White Nationalists and their associates. Truly folks, we are often our own worst enemies.

Despite this recent disruption we want to reassure our regular readers and loyal supporters that the righteous struggle for White resurgence goes on. The disgraceful behaviour of these malcontents is indicative of poorly disciplined, disturbed individuals with some quite serious personality disorders and merely confirms to us their intrinsic lack of moral fibre and inherent unsuitability as White Nationalist Political Soldiers and vindicates our decision to either expel these people or let them walk away.

Maybe they would be happier to sign up with the Legion of the Damned that is the so-called 'Australian (Israeli) Protectionists Party' led by the mentally deranged despot and delusional megalomaniac Darrin 'Goldstein' Hodges.

Perhaps there they might better vent their uncontrollable emotions and shake their little clenched fists in impotent rage at the World for not handing them what they want on a platter.

As the mighty Oak Tree sheds dead wood and is all the stronger for it, so too is the Sydney based K.N. group strengthened and consolidated with renewed dedication to the Fourteen Words imperative through this natural attrition of the unfit.

The fight goes on and, knowing we, the Real White Nationalists, will still be here long after these creatures are but another faded memory, we hope these people find better ways to spend their time and direct their energies toward more productive activities.

In the words of the old adage.

Don't go away mad, just go away.

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