Monday, November 29, 2010

What we need to bring back is some good old fashioned Book Burning.

I am by no means a Christian. But I do know a few, and respect them and their beliefs. But I tell you all, I would certainly help them out on a good old fashioned Book Burning of this absolute crap!

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Anonymous said...

It seems that Australia's great Jewish Mafia Don Abe Saffron had his one way mirror brothels in the U.S as well and I take it McGee was a regular attendee?

Saffron had men of the HIGHEST ranks blackmailed from Sir Frank Packer to Premiere's and Police Commissioners and when you see a community leader making and doing things that are totally bizarre you can bet there is a nice photo of them with a 3 year old child and a goat somewhere on a wall in Tel Aviv.

THIS is how the jew gets what they want - BLACKMAIL and BRIBERY!

The jew runs all the drugs, the prostitutes, the sex slave rings and the sex shops. They find your weakness and then they go after their target.

This is the way of things and the speciality of the jew.

This is how people you would think would know better behave so strangely - all it takes is a blonde in a short skirt, a chunk of Crustal Meth Amphetamine in the scotch and WULLAH! You have a future Prime minister groping at a strippers tits in New York and CLICK! CLICK! Thanks for coming Kevvy!

Now WHAT do they have on Julia?