Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Zulu Dawn in Perth.

We had this gem sent to us today from Perth. We can only hope that common sense will prevail in this country and that the powers that be start to listen to the every day Australian. Yeah right.

It must be noted that the person who sent this in is not a racialist nor a nationalist. In fact he would qualify as your every day Australian citizen. All be it one that has not consumed to much fluoride.

Dear Victor,

"I was on the train last weekend. A Sudanese male was mouthing off..."Fuck Australia!" and "Fuck the white man"...I kid you not. He was aiming it generally and at a white male sitting a little down the carriage.

I thought that maybe the white male had called him a black c@#$ or something like that and the Sudanese guy had responded in kind so I let it be. However he kept it up for a good 5 minutes non stop and was making physical threats towards the white guy who was sitting quietly. I decided to stand up and turn on my camera in case he tried anything on the way out the door which I strongly suspected he would.

He kept mouthing off and his friend saw me eying him off and he tried to calm him down but he did not stop.

He got off the train without a physical incident but I strongly suspect that he would have lashed out if I had not stood up and let him know I was not happy.

Unfortunately my camera did not capture the sound very well.

After the idiot got off I turned to the very nervous looking white guy (who turned out to be a German tourist) and said directly..."what did you call him?" I really couldn't believe the African would have gone off like that without an extreme provocation. The German guy (who would qualify as a quiet nerd) said he did absolutely nothing and the African started abusing for no reason whatsoever.

I have noted several times in the city and on public transport these Sudanese going off. I have never seen this before. I am ALWAYS in town and on the buses and trains.

I think most of this occurs when a shipment of Meth hits town. The Sudanese are right in on it - bringing and distribution. They also consume a lot of it and this is the reason for the bravado AND the rapes! DRUGS are a major catalyst for this bizarre behavior that seems to be begging for a beating.

If I had known this skinny little Sudanese creep had arced up for no reason I would of had a go at him.

As it is I will send you the film I have.

A LOT of ordinary people I speak to have had ENOUGH of this and letting in any old retarded moron into the country with a sob story. I have no problem with a LEGITIMATE refugee seeking to save his family BUT most of these people are frauds - most fly into Malaysia and Indonesia on Passport flights then throw their papers over board. They have "standard stories" in the refugee camps. They even state this on msm - shadow immigration minister recently on the 7.30 Report. A recording of which I have.

Welcome to the new Multicultural Australia.
Now here is some African immigrants that would do well in Perth.


Carp the felcher said...

I think they call this chimping out and as more of these primates are forced upon us we'll be seeing a lot more of it.

HillBilly said...

There is no cause for alarm here. The BnaiBrith work implacably and patiently to introduce "Hate and Vilification" legislation with which to punish Noachides of all persuasions who refuse to participate in the Much Chosen Jewish "Religion" of Tolerance.

Coming to a Molechian Sannhedrin near you......sooner that you think.

Anonymous said...

This vid must have a divider on the counter....775 comments..

The Jewess should lead by example...The Rabbis hold Blacks in absolute contempt on universal scale of hatred for others...She should lead by example..

For every Jew a "JiggaBew".

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Gentile diversity.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Now I feel sick.

WLT NSW said...

In the absence of the aforementioned ‘Darp’ and @ndy and just to play Molech's advocate for a moment or two to even up the odds a bit, how did you know he was "Sudanese" and not Somali or some other variety of Jigaboo?

Also, how was it possible for you to translate his tongue clicking, snorts, teeth gnashing, spontaneous expectoration and general guttural grunts into English?

With all due respects I find your lurid account a little difficult to take at face value and would go so far as to suggest you indicate Racist tendencies and would clearly benefit from a course of cultural sensitivity training.