Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ah So! Assange...

For a few clues as to the character of Julian Assange, or lack thereof, one needs look no further than his rather exotic (to say the least) band of ‘friends and supporters’ who have enthusiastically imbibed of the ZOG approved Kool-Aid.

For example, the professional handwringer John Pilger who, apart from qualifying to WHINE for his country at Olympic level, makes mind numbingly boring documentaries mostly about brown people being exploited and abused by other brown people but somehow it’s ALWAYS Whitey’s fault. Funny that, innit? Or there’s Julian Burnside Q.C. so-called ‘Human Rights’ Lawyer and ‘open borders, no one is illegal’ advocate. Then there’s Jemima Khan née Goldsmith… fer-farks-sake! Can everyone say, altogether now, Circus of Freaks?

Listen up now folks. None of this new ‘wikileaks’ material is anywhere near scoop worthy. It is, like its founder, banal, mundane and ordinary to the point of terminal boredom. Does nobody recall his publishing of the BNP membership lists? Who was THAT in aid of? Antifa gangsters?

Where are all the revelations from these tireless ‘investigative reporters’ about the Homosexual Mafia and their overwhelming influence in all Left wing political parties? Where are all the ‘scoops’ end ‘exposés’ on the Labor Party Paedophile network?

One more time, FOR the dummies! Julian Assange is a Three Dollar Note. He ain’t REAL folks. He’s a CONSTRUCT. He is a daggy nerd HACKER who hung out in Anarchist squats in Melbourne with the likes of @ndy ‘slackbastard’ dossing on piss stained mattresses in derelict buildings and surviving on past use by date, generic Ramen noodles and anything else he could steal from the local Seven Eleven. He is a LOOSER!!!!!

The only thing that keeps him from dumpster diving today is the Mossad issued Platinum credit card. Wake up and smell the Kosher Gefilte fish folks.

So the Globe and Mail bleated “Wearing a navy suit and an open-necked white shirt”. What? We’ve seen the ‘Rock Star’ stuff already MONTHS ago! What’s this? What’s next? A New Idea or Women’s Weekly’ special, full colour centre spread? A spot on Oprah? Somebody PINCH me!!!


But…come to think of it…maybe it’s a GOOD thing that the establishment are SO clumsy. Perhaps even a few of the Goyim might pause momentarily from their mastication of Monsanto grass and wonder if all might not be as it appears on Jones' Farm.


Anonymous said...

Hasbara praises for their malefeasant and obedient GoyToy.

Anonymous said...

Another abcess cut open, another little Jew hiding in the Wikileaks abcess. This time Jew Daniel Domschelt-Berg aka. Daniel Schmitt, was Assange's former right hand man.