Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ahead Of The Pack… or… The Art Of Prescience

We say ‘art’ because we believe it is an expertise acquired through intensive ‘training’ of one’s skills of perception rather than any esoteric or supernatural ‘gift’.

The True White Nationalists have been vindicated time and again with their insightful analyses and predictions regarding trends and developments both within our greater Anti Multicultural movement and the broader Lemming society as a whole.

Through our steadfast refusal to accept anything purely at face value that may emanate from the Matrix of the Establishment’s Controlled Media we have developed a Sixth Sense, a Bullshit Penetrating Radar if you will, for reading between the lines or for interpreting the covert agendas of our traditional enemies.

A dangerous environment tends to hone one’s survival skills and engender a more alert state of consciousness and having been under constant attack by both the Leftist Swill AND the traitors we have forged our mettle in the fires of battle. Having been proven correct over and over again, we no longer care about the sneering derision from our enemies and detractors about ‘tinfoil helmet’ paranoia and suchlike. The proof is in the results.

We now trust our ‘gut feeling’ and our ‘instincts’ more than we do any generally accepted ‘received wisdom’ or ‘consensus opinions’. Why? Because, against all odds, we have been overwhelmingly correct more often than not.

To use an analogy the Whitelaw Towers staffers are very familiar with, the long term motorcyclist develops, of survival driven necessity, a more acute awareness of environmental factors such as road surface variations, their effects on traction and suspension handling, weather effects and developments, traffic flow patterns, vehicle movements, driver behaviour etc.

Peripheral vision, ‘reading’ traffic and anticipation of all potential danger factors are all far more important than raw reaction times and other basic skills. Even as, with age, the sharpness of certain senses and reaction times are naturally somewhat diminished, the wealth of experience acquired and refined into a confident, mature ‘Road Craft’ more than compensates for any shortcomings in the grim battle of survival.

This is why Motorcycle Riders make exceptionally good vehicle operators regardless of whether they be cars, trucks or whatever and arguably the best drivers of all. In short, there is no substitute for experience and properly interpreted knowledge.

On the subject of prescience, while the painfully clueless pinheads over at the woeful A.P.P. Forum squabble about what Julian Assange’s ‘real’ motives are and whether or not he should be lauded as a hero or a criminal, the real White Nationalists have known all along that the entire ‘wikileaks’ circus is a Cointelpro Black Op with the MI6/Mossad asset Assange as the lead clown.

The primary intent of the ‘leaks’ was to identify the channels and entities through which this type of ‘information’ reaches the ‘Mainstream’. It’s a bit like dumping brightly coloured dye down drains to see where it emerges and trace back the course it has taken. The secondary intent was to blow more cold wind up the arses of an already terrorised public and further condition them to believe that ‘whistleblowers’ are all cranks and criminals. Thirdly, it prepares the ground (again) for further legislation to tighten up ‘security’ and increase penalties for the possible release of truly important information by White Nationalists and other dissidents in the future.

Not only but also, Assange’s personal lawyer is Mark Stephens from ‘Finers, Stephens & Innocent’ who are also legal advisers for the Waddesdon Manor Trust, a prestigious property in Buckinghamshire England originally constructed by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild which has several very prominent Rothschild family members on the board. So there is your direct connection to the Illuminati.

The best guess to date is that Assange is currently doing a Salman Rushdie in the Israeli Embassy in London.

…or…it could all just be a pure coincidence…

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Anonymous said...

Assange "Wikileaks" is a global problem, or so they'll say, requiring a global solution by bring about effective international law via the United Noachides...

It is all more Shit of the Jew, of course, to manufacture pretext for change and destroy trust amongst gentile nations.

Unfortunately most of us are dumb enough to believe and eat of it, and our institutions are populated with Jews, Judas kapos and collaborators payed by the Kike.