Friday, December 31, 2010

The A.P.P. Brains Trust Ctd

Nazi Mother Ship Hovers Above Holland

Read this dribble from the so-called 'Australian Identity Forums' and weep with sorrow at our racial plight. How are we ever going to make it, as a Race, with fucktards of PAT50’s calibre?

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Re: When Jews must flee Europe
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 08:51:11 PM »
“No wonder they are leaving Holland, immigration of Muslims to Holland between 1990 till now is out of control hence Geert Wilders rise to power. Geert Wilders gets his judgement soon and if acquitted he surely will come to Australia.

Geert is no "Joo Hater". he knows that when the Jewish community moves out Islam and Nazis are behind it! They seem to go hand in hand when any agitator of Jews is inevitable, either a Muslim or a Nazi.”

This is one of the reasons the A.P.P. will NEVER get anywhere. Their membership is made up from illiterate ‘feckin’ eejits’ like ‘PAT50’ who, ‘gifted’ with room temperature I.Q.’s, can barely remember to breathe, let alone walk and chew gum simultaneously.

“when the Jewish community moves out Islam and Nazis are behind it!”

On first reading this writer couldn’t quite decide whether ‘PAT50’ qualified as the nuttiest ‘conspiracy theorist’ yet encountered or if he has the wryest and most droll sense of humour in the entire antipodes. Taking into account though that he possesses all the sentience and wisdom of a vegetable, the former would appear more likely.

“They seem to go hand in hand when any agitator of Jews is inevitable, either a Muslim or a Nazi.”

This sentence appears to make no grammatical sense whatsoever. Could he perhaps be suggesting, best guess here, that the evil, wicked ‘Nazis’ are actually behind facilitating the penetration and spread of the Global Islamic Caliphate as a Bio-Weapon against the universal and perennial victims, the poor, innocent, Jews?

Perhaps the evil, wicked ‘Nazis’ are even training the Islamic Terrorists on the Nazi Moon Base to go forth on their suicide bombing missions? We can see it now. Legions of Nazi trained Terror Troops invading The Netherlands from space.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Nazi Starship Troopers Of The Muslim Handschar Division
Await Planet Fall And The New Holocaust

Talk about ‘shooting the messenger’. It has been the White Nationalists and so-called ‘Nazis’ who have been warning about the effects of Multiculturalism since before it was even a 'proper' word. Yet who cops the blame? Some seriously complicated mental gymnastics are required for anyone to twist logic to that degree. Only an utterly committed Communist/Liberal/Democrat could sustain that degree of self deception…or… imbecile…

It should be patently obvious to even the casual observer that poor old ‘PAT50’ is dumber than dog shit and nuttier than peanut brittle but, tragically, he is not alone. There are legions of these twits out there who read the newspapers, listen to 2GB or 2UE, watch ‘Dancing with the stars’ and ‘The History Channel’ and truly believe they are well informed.

In a truly fair and just world their breathing privileges would be summarily withdrawn to preserve the integrity of the White gene pool but in this Dystopia of their puppet masters’ making they are allowed to run and roam free like feral pests to wreak the maximum damage to what remains of our once noble culture.

Who does ‘PAT50’ and his fellow drooling fools imagine pushed for the legislation in the first place that opened the floodgates to allow the Mudslums into Europe and other White regions? Now who do you think they could be PAT? Was it the evil, wicked ‘Nazis’? Nope. Was it the Mudslums themselves? Nope. They had no executive power and can barely organise a camel race themselves.

Now what very ‘special’ tribe NEEDS the smokescreen of Multiculturalism to hide within? Who stands out like cast iron dogs balls in any Racially/Culturally homogenous community? Who has strange rites, weird dress sense, peculiar physiognomies and aggressive, parasitic behaviour? Hmmm! Now who could they be, ‘PAT50’?

This very special ‘tribe’ infiltrated all our major institutions decades if not centuries ago and have been pushing so-called ‘Human Rights’, ‘Racial Equality’, ‘Feminist’, and ‘Gay Rights’ legislation constantly to advance their very specific agenda of ‘divide and rule’ and Racial Supremacy.

One more time, FOR the dummies, the Muslims are only a symptom, the Jews are the actual disease.

WAKE the fuck UP!

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Mono-theism is a creation of the jew.