Friday, December 10, 2010

Benign Brith.

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) says the attempt by the Australia First Party to drum up fear and opposition to asylum seekers undermines Australia’s tolerant and multicultural society. Source

Meanwhile these same Jewish scum plan our destruction. Watch the video. See how dangerous a Jewish Geek can be. See what they have planed for you?

Here is a typical comment from a Jew concerning the sheeple/ Goyim, that's us folks.


"There's a Shul in Boro Park, whose Rov spoke on Yom Tov about how Goyim will clean our shoes after Moshiach comes, and other such lowly tasks, with Goyim caretakers listening closely.

I was thinking these statements, made in English, were not much worse than other racist remarks heard regularly from non-Jewish preachers, and criticized by us."

Another dirty Jew replied


The Rov shlita is correct! And the goyim will do so willingly and happily, so even they will WANT to do all that to serve G-d.

I agree it might have been better to say the drosha in yiddish. But unfortunately too many of us aren't fluent in it. Whether it was still worthwhile relating in English, is another shaila.

But if you felt it was a c"h, how is repeating it on a public website which has many more hundreds plus goyish readers than the couple of goyish handymen in a small shul, less so?

Get the picture? F!$k you Bnai Brith, we aint buying your crap. These same Goyim you try and control are going to wake up real soon.

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