Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bnai Brith declare war on Australia First. Jewish Group Supports Asylum Seekers

Source Jew Wire

A Jewish anti-racism group
has called on Australians to welcome asylum-seekers into their communities and embrace the benefits refugees can offer Australia.

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) says the attempt by the Australia First Party to drum up fear and opposition to asylum seekers undermines Australia’s tolerant and multicultural society.

ADC Chairman Anton Block noted that the peak national body of the Australian Jewish community, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, had recently adopted a policy calling on the Australian government to implement in good faith and with humanity, Australia’s important legal and moral obligations with respect to refugees and urging all Australians to engage in discussion of the issues in a considered and respectful manner and without resorting to pejorative generalisations.

Mr Block said his organisation endorsed this policy, noting “As part of a community of people who came to Australia as migrants and refugees and who made successful lives here I believe we have an obligation to share this country with victims of war and terror. We are the beneficiaries of a generous Australia which opened its doors to us as refugees after World War II.”

He also expressed the view that the Federal Government needs to increase its efforts to move asylum seekers out of detention centres and into the community and that the wider community needs to understand that these arrivals represent an opportunity not a threat to Australia.

“Many members of our community are now successful in business or professions and are able to make great contributions to Australia. In fact former refugees have been a great asset who over time have enriched our society both culturally and economically.”

Mr Block also endorsed the ECAJ’s opposition to the mandatory detention of women and children asylum seekers saying that these practices revived memories of a darker period of Jewish history.

“We know that the circumstances that make people flee their homes are harsh and complicated and do not always allow stringent adherence to authorised entry procedures. Most asylum seekers have been found to be genuine refugees who just want a decent life for themselves and their children.”

Mr Block said racist elements in Australia were creating unjustified hysteria about asylum-seekers, which was flowing through to negative attitudes towards other migrants and Australians from minority groups.

“The idea we are being swamped by illegal migrants or that boat people are not real refugees is just nonsense. Ninety percent of migrants to Australia are legal and most asylum-seekers who come without visas have been found to be legitimate refugees.

“We need to remind ourselves that Australia was built by migrants and by people fleeing persecution and that asylum-seekers have a great deal to offer our country.”

Mean while in Israel its business as usual. You know as each day goes by these idiots lose even more credibility.


Noachideous said...

We have seen the jewhiss humanity visited upon the Noachides of indigenous Arab descent that reside on land coveted by the Zionists and their "Anti-Fa" collaborators who assist in the deconstruction of non-jewhiss communities.

We want none of it or you. We reject your forktongued lies 'jews' of the bnaibrith who represent the existential enemy of mankind. Participate in your religion "judaism" foisted upon us as "noachides"....You've got to be fucking joking. You are nothing but frauds masquerading as something good and decent. A Wanker and Canker class amongst us. Evil disgueised by empty caring platitudes best describes the nature of your maggot infested existence. Your G_d is a murderer of truth and you its agents upon this earth.

Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the members of the BnaiBrith might like to participate in a public forum where all things are allowed on the table, including opening the books of the "Jews" so that the "gentiles" may discover that judasism quintessentialises the idea of "racism" which they feign to oppose, and that judasism gives the jew licence to lie to gentiles while smiling pleasantly to those upon which it predates.

The goal of the BnaiBrith as caustic entropists is to deconstruct everything that defines and identifies the existence of non-jews such that they no longer exist, either actually or in memory.

The entire Earth is "theirs" and there is no place for the other.

Anonymous said...

A 67 survivor said...
I survived the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. They had every weapon in hand to put the Liberty to the bottom but they couldn't. We had nothing and they had it all, and THEY claim to be chosen? Then why did the Liberty stay afloat? Why did it not only stay afloat but sailed a thousand miles to Malta for repairs. Where was God that day? I know exactly where he was.

Via Les Visible.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn'tt Israel take more Islamic refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, etc? Surely they will enrich their own homogenous society. Nah, Israel is too busy creating refugees to take any.

Business as usual at the APP supporting Zionism, though, despite the evidence of Jew interference in our country clearly being evident.

Doc Martin General Manager said...

Yet another reference to the detenion camps as "concentration camps". The detention camps are nothing like a concentration camp. Where are the gas chambers? Where is the SS rounding up helpless camp inmates for work duty? When will the Jews and Zionists stop making references to the so called "Holocaust"? They always want people to feel sorry for them and their pets ("refugees"). If the main political parties (Coalition, Labor and the Greens) were really serious about immigration, they would focus on the big picure instead of only boat people. What about the people who come to Australia with visas via he plane? What about the 300,000 migrants who come to Australia each year? In total, 360 thousand migrants come to Australia each year; 300 thousand legal migrants, 50 thousand visa over stayers (via the planes) and 6 thousand boat people who make up the 13,500 refugee annual intake.

Doc Marten General Manager said...

The APP are middle class liberalite conservatives. In other words, they are civic nationalists who will appease the establishment by not rocking the boat by not going outside the approved barriers set up by the establishment. Those people are naturally opposed to the Australia First party. Australia First will be opposed by every instrument of the establishment. There is no doubt in my mind that Australia First will eventually be infiltrated and hijacked by agents of the establishment or, on the other hand, will be destablished by accusations and rumours. A good example of this is the British National Party. We should be thankful that Jim Saleam is nothing like Nick Griffin. The same can't be said for Darrin Hodges. Only time will tell on whether or not the Australian nationalist movmenet will go down the road of the British nationalist movement. Australia is only 20 years behind Great Britain.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Doc Martin you are spot on with your comments about civic nationalism, BNP and the APP.

I have expressed the exact same opinion concerning the comparison of Aussie WN and UK WN. We must not follow them down the same road.

Aussie WN must break new ground to win. AF and WN must adhere to the 14 words, they must not water down a single thing to appease the enemy.

I believe AF have answered the call. I believe they have taken steps not to follow the UK example or that of One Nation, CAP and other Right Wing groups.

All they need is our support and a solid group around them to keep the likes of Hodges away.

Anonymous said...

The Saturnists from the Black Block of the BnaiBrith at work, caring courageously for the "Goyim"...

"The Jews, who want to murder each and every one of us, are trying to destroy our natural instincts, so that we offer no resistance as they kill us. The Jews invite in an illegal invasion of our territory. They steal our personal property and land through usury, corporate capitalism and a corrupted educational system. They demand that we submit to a humiliating and illegal police State and do all they can to prevent us from defending ourselves, as they deliberately protect criminals. They chastize us if we identify ourselves by our historical origins and degrade them and us. Etc. Etc. Etc."

Excellent commentary in "If we cross the line....."

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting segment on ABC News 24 this morning about how over in Israel the Israelis are complaining about african refugees coming into their country.

Where is the Bnai Brith when this is going on?