Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brisbane once again smeared by hate Group Chabad (kill the Best Gentiles) Lubavitch

Above Chabad Lubavitch wish the residents of Queensland a "Happy Hanukkah" out front of the Treasury Casino in Brisbane December 2010.

I think its about time we Gentiles started using the term "Never Again". A term that is so often spoken by these evil bastards to enslave us with false guilt. Now please watch the video below. Lets make 2011 the year of the awakening.


Anonymous said...

An appropriate place for it anyway, just across from the Golden Calf, which is their real god.

Clean the carpet Brisbane. said...

The Jew, the existential manifestation of a religious lie, will continue to shit on the carpet for as long as it is permitted... It is what it instinctively does in the presence of the "other".

The Jew attempts to destroy the identity of the other simply because the other exists. As the only point of light in the universe, or so the Jew thinks it detests the existence of anything other than itself. In the end, when the Jew has completed its malevolent works, there will be again only judaic darkness to mirror jewish "light". And the Jew, uncreator, entropist and self confessed destroyer of all that is and was in memory will rest for at least a little while.

Anonymous said...

Whatever "God" is, the Jew is better than it.... and the probable center of, well, just about everything.

I suppose by talking about them we confirm their demonic delusion and render them relevant.. But if you knew there was a child molester in the kindergarten, wouldn't you want to protect the innocent children of your friend and aquaintances ? That's what an "anti-semite" is really... A person who seeks to protect others from evil things whose works cannot be undone.

An these particular Jews are indeed black hearted evil incarnate.