Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Cronulla'...Russian Style...

Russian Race Riot Update
Police detain 1,700 people across Russia to prevent riots

Police detain 1,700 people across Russia to prevent riots

13:37 16/12/2010

Police arrested over 1,700 people on Wednesday in a bid to prevent unauthorized riots in ten Russian regions, First Deputy Interior Minister Mikhail Sukhodolsky said. Race-hate riots and clashes between nationalist groups and migrants from Russia's mainly Muslim North Caucasus region were warded off in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Vladimir, Belgorod, Samara region and Udmurtia.

The official said police acted effectively and decisively to prevent an escalation of violence. Over 1,300 people were arrested in Moscow alone and hundreds of weapons were seized.

The unrest follows mass public disturbances in Moscow and St. Petersburg on Saturday. A 5,000-strong crowd of nationalists and football hooligans clashed with police near Red Square in Moscow after an unsanctioned protest over the shooting of a football fan by a migrant got out of hand.

MOSCOW, December 16 (RIA Novosti)
The situation regarding 'Racial tensions' in Russia is seemingly getting more serious by the day. Unlike the West, where the populations have drank the Multicultural Kool Aid, the Russians are still a fiercely proud and Nationalistic people with real ethno-cultural integrity. Although these latest 'disturbances' appear largely spontaneous and lack any cohesive leadership or focus they are indicative of a general contempt for Globalist principles.
Contrary to the authorities' claims of organised criminal actions by 'Nationalist Extremists' this is more like a 'Cronulla' people power protest done with inimitable Russian style. It is a manifestation of a grass roots anger and bitterness from the Common Russian Working Class to both the excesses of their own wealthy private elite and the largely drug and extortion facilitated wealth of Chechen gangsters and other foreign, mostly Muslim, thugs.
It is always too easy and convenient for governments of any shade these days to present these acts of civil disobedience as somehow 'Anti-Establishment' or 'Anti-Government' or even as forms of 'Terrorism' so as to enable ruthless crackdowns but these mainly Working Class White Russians do not hate their Government, most are probably Putin supporters, but they do hate what is happening to their society as the creeping tendrils of Globalism and Multiculturalism insidiously undermine their traditionalist culture.
At its heart Russia is a White European Peasant based, salt of the earth, society with basic, simple yet very strong traditions of Family, Church and shared endurance through some of the worst criminal regimes in European History.
They have survived the worst humiliation and privations of the Jew Communist dictatorship and managed to preserve their identity largely due to a stubborness of spirit and self belief that rivals, if not surpasses, the grim stoicism of the original (uncorrupted) Anglo Saxons.
There is absolutely nothing chickenshit about the Russians and, as students of History, we recognise the start of something big when we see it.
Watch this space...

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