Friday, December 31, 2010

Funny stuff to watch in the New Year.

Well looks like an ex member of the APP/AI forum is suffering from "Jilted lover syndrome". As predicted by many, once the APP run out of steam attacking the Australia First Party and legit White Nationalists, they will then turn on themselves. Put that many trimmers and backstabbers together you are bound to see it unravel.

Now we cant verify, nor do we have any idea who the author of this blog is. But it does have its funny side. HERE


Anonymous said...

That's quite funny. Darrin used to maintain online porn shops as part of his IT job. Then he talks "family values" on APP.

WLT NSW said...

For all his hypocrisy and lies he is no worse than most in mainstream politics. In fact he's probably pretty close to a 'cleanskin' compared to the vile career criminals of the Labor and Greens parties.