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Wikileaks has divided the world into two camps, those who love Wikileaks as a slap in the face for the United States and those who recognize the stench of Wikileaks for what it is, simple Israeli propaganda. Millions around the world look at Wikleaks as poor, harried Julian Assange and his personal struggle against the evil empire of Bush/Obama America. Hate, envy, oh, there is lots of envy here, America stimulates that with its highways filled with gas guzzling cars, eating half the world’s meat, all the best music, television and a military that scares the begeezus out of everyone. What’s not to hate?

Many American’s are buying in on this hate. Journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave calls these people “self hating Americans.” He has, at times, coined me their leader. Consider this my resignation. There is nothing in Wikileaks about fixing problems. Wikileaks is cheap sleazy marketing, cheap junk in a shiny package. The biggest challenge of all had to be marketing Julian Assange. Assange began life as a reputed computer hacker though never punished. This is where the smell begins. Other hackers waste away in prison, not Assange. Assange seems to have a guardian angel. Read on here

Our NSW corespondent Victor Whitelaw wrote back in August 2010,

Aug 08, 2010
Aug 08, 2010
This was the cult that the young Julian Assange and his mother were allegedly on the run from, his step father being a senior cult member. Was he also subjected to this outrageously abusive and traumatic treatment? He won't say. ...

"The effete and insipid little twat that we see being hysterically promoted of late on our Tel-Avision screens is a construct, a product, every bit as manufactured and marketed as the latest women’s personal hygiene item. It really is that uncomfortable and cringe-worthy to witness. There is such an overwhelming stench of Gefilte fish wafting about this entire ‘Afghan papers’ affair that it is certain Assange has the indelible Kosher stamp of approval and is, in effect, an honourary and deputised Sayanim.

It becomes immediately apparent upon viewing the SBS Dateline program’s story entitled ‘The Whistleblower’ that Assange’s ‘A Team’ of personal assistants and raggedy cadre of supporters represents every repellent stereotype of the Loony Left, society’s misfits and rejects. It is almost physically sickening to watch the same tired old walking, talking clich├ęs of all that is abnormal and abhorrent about today’s sick society.

Every man has his price, ESPECIALLY self proclaimed Left Wing ideologues.

In the great chess game of global politics, bluffs, feints, gambles, ruses, even the deliberate sacrifice of key pieces, are all justified and permissible in pursuit of the desired result, victory."

Aug 10, 2010
Aug 10, 2010
Any argument that contends Julian Assange of Wikileaks is an 'independent' and 'objective' champion of the truth is rendered utterly flaccid upon even a rudimentary examination of the nature of the particular 'scoops' he has published ...
"Any argument that contends Julian Assange of Wikileaks is an ‘independent’ and ‘objective’ champion of the truth is rendered utterly flaccid upon even a rudimentary examination of the nature of the particular ‘scoops’ he has published and who, precisely, these ultimately benefit. The publication of the British National Party’s membership lists for example is a blatant indication of his Left Wing Globalist political bias. There is DEFINITELY a very specific political agenda being served here.

The very act of ‘leaking’ the names and addresses of members of a legitimate and registered political party is a partisan political statement and tactic and is parallelled by the similarly outrageous publishing of the Australian One Nation Party’s membership lists by the Australian Jewish News. What might, on one level, be interpreted as relatively soft core Terrorism like this can result in very real hardship for targeted individuals who seek to maintain the confidentiality of their political affiliations. Employment opportunities and jobs can be threatened. Relationships with friends and relatives can become strained or even break down due to social pressures. All this is perfectly well understood of course by the perpetrators. That is precisely why these crude, low brow tactics are utilised in the first place.

If Assange were fair dinkum to any degree whatsoever Wikileaks would be posting up lists of all the benefactors, supporters and operatives of the criminal group known as the Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith or the homo-pederast politicians from the Left Wing parties like Labor Party and The Greens and their network of connections within the Judiciary and Government Bureaucracies or how about the details of the cover up of the real facts regarding the ethnicity of crime?

No. Like all Leftist so-called ‘anti-establishment’ types and ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’ ‘progressives’ he is, in actuality, an obsequious, authoritarian conformist wrapped in the tatty clothing of a ‘maverick’ in a form of political transvestism that is simultaneously comical and sickening. These same types have instigated and supervised the murder of millions over the past century in the name of ‘Human Rights’ in every ‘democratic’ and ‘liberal’ atrocity from Dresden to Belgrade. Don’t worry about the ‘collateral damage’ of the innocents. All can be rationalised through the politically correct application of ‘Humanist’ Fabian dogma"

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