Friday, December 17, 2010

He's a Rebel Dont ya know.

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When talking of the "English", these can only be Oliver Cromwell's "English".


The farmers of Thüringen had mostly small holdings, no money and were often deeply in debt. Nevertheless, the Communists deemed them to be property owners, and as such, their political enemies. Our small farm was 'haunted' by groups of these people, and was robbed again and again. These visits were characterized by rude and arrogant behavior, with orders to put food on the table for them, for free, of course! My father would say to my mother, "Give them all we have, or else they will burn down our house." The night sky was often lit up by the flames of farmhouses which had been torched. People said it was done by the Communists. In that time, anxiety was our constant companion. It was a revolutionary situation! Later, as Hitler established the Storm Troops (S.A.), this specter was quickly banished and relative order returned.