Thursday, December 16, 2010

Julian’s Cult

Kool Aid is gooood m’kay?

Saint Julian of Assange, the original Man in a Suitcase, his secular canonisation having now been officially consummated by the blessing of no less a superstar of the Red Left Glitterati than Geoffrey Robertson, and with implicit approval of the Cryptocracy, is well on the way to establishing his own Global electronic cult. One can almost visualise the Assange luggage range, featuring cases with just enough room for a cheap suit, a tatty corduroy jacket (with obligatory pinhole burns on the lapels) a pair of worn out old brown shoes, two pairs of socks and a laptop.

Assange is every bit a ‘product’ of his childhood programming in the infamous Anne Hamilton-Byrne ‘The Family’ cult and their psychotropic drug and sensory deprivation practices as he is a Mossad/MI6 operative. It is beyond odd or merely coincidental that there is virtually no substantial examination of his outrageously dysfunctional childhood considering how thoroughly bizarre he is as an adult. One would expect the usual suspects who constantly crow their ‘Investigative Journalist’ status to be furiously jostling for the lead spot on prime time for a major exposé on Assange’s very, very weird history. Alas, this is not to be.

He has all the hallmarks of an ‘A’ Grade patsy in the tradition of Lee Harvey Oswald and that other anaemic ‘Australian’ albino, Martin Bryant. Can everyone say ‘groomed’? Can everyone say ‘well established selection process’? Unlike Bryant though, who reportedly has the equivalent Intelligence Quotient of a Zucchini, Assange is reasonably adept at thinking type stuff. Being a keen young script kiddie who evolved into an Über Hacker, later compromised and subsequently ‘owned’ by the International Global Elite, he is still in the rather delicate process of ‘working off’ his ‘obligations’.

Geoffrey Robertson, the professional bleeding heart legal advocate for all non Whites, who resembles one of those grotesque Gerald Scarfe animated caricatures seen in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ has also scrambled aboard the Assange Crazy Train as it hurtles toward Guantánamo Bay with a sly stop off in a remote tunnel where the bloodless freak will be whisked away and secreted in a ZOG bolthole where he will likely share a plush apartment with Osama Bin Laden.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

One could perhaps take Robertson’s alleged credentials as a ‘Human Rights’ champion a tad more seriously were he as keen to offer his prodigious legal talents (pro bono) to the likes of David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Edgar Steele etc. But perhaps those are ‘hypothetical’ scenarios beyond the scope of a committed Utopian Marxist twit like him. It might be best to not hold one’s breath in anticipation of observing Robertson prancing and preening like the pretentious prat on amphetamines he is while imploring ‘his honour’ to show mercy on the heroic White Nationalist in the dock.

No folks, ‘Progressive’ Secular Humanism does not include proud and normal White Men and Women. They have no recourse to the Law. ‘Human Rights’ are reserved exclusively for the feckless, the worthless, the Sodomites, the Culture Destroyers, the Societal Perverters, the Mud Races. The more gross and abnormal one is the more likely one is to be represented by an internationally famous and pompously absurd lawyer with St. Vitus dance.


Anonymous said...

Well, they're going to LOOOOOVE his pretty little effiminate ass in jail, whether its in the UK, USA or Sweden.

Maybe when he gets in a cell with a big buck nigger, he'll see what the BNP was on about.

WLT NSW said...

Sadly, unlike what happens to White Nationalists in gaol, Julian will be kept well away from rutting Buck 'groids like Shaquille, Tyrone and Leroy. Truth be known he's probably never even smelt one, let alone had a close up and personal 'conversation' with one.

Yep, it's all segregation inside and gated estates outside for delicate little Lefties and integration for White Nationalists.