Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A message for Darp

Old Victor has a few tips for you 'old son'. ‘Number Withheld’ is an absolute piss funny giveaway that an incoming call is emanating from a Government bureacracy office. Not ALWAYS, mind you, but mostly. When you have a white Nationalist’s place ‘scoped out’ realise his neighbours are friends too and ‘take notes’.

Hell, even Old Victor has a log book of vehicle numbers and descriptions (even the odd photo) of rather peculiar non local joggers and walkers who seem fascinated by his humble residence. Isn’t it funny how often peoples shoelaces come untied out the front of his address or how often drivers need to check their street directories? WHAT coincidences.

Also, your woman’s hardly a gumshoe…PAL. She sounds quite young on the recording. Perhaps that might explain her ‘bull in a china shop’ approach to ‘surveillance’. Gotta admit though the ‘jilted girlfriend sting’ WAS a laff! Keep ‘em coming. It’s VERY funny.

The stalking and attempted entrapment of a Man’s family members however is definitely NOT funny. It is well beyond the pale and certainly illegal. As are mail theft, vehicle tampering and probably even the theft (we shit you not) of household garbage!

After death and taxes there’s one other certainty. Persist in getting in Old Victor’s face and…eventually… there will be blood.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're doing what they do best......sneakin'. The scumbags are the lie personified....The persecuted and outwardly caring public face conceals the true nature of their malevolent intent.

Darp's street trawler "jogger" plimsolls are most likely velcro secured to ever so nicely complement his his rump ridin' solicitor's chaps.

WLT NSW said...

"rump ridin' solicitor's chaps"

Now THAT is what I call a classic comment!

'Anonymous' you simply MUST get in touch that we might compare notes. Your 'comments' are way too insightful (inciteful?) to be the mere ramblings of the casual observer.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know Darp personally but it presents as another narcissistic and demented Jew psychopath who seeks relevance and import in "position" and "status" within our community. These Molech manufactured Zombies, the Jew Borg, are predictable in their behaviour. The code that powers the machine is written for all to read in the Talmud.

As Saturnists and worshippers of their Blood G_d Molech, the Jew is pro-abortion because it sees termination of each Child to be as a sacrifice to their entity by proxy. It pleases them greatly to that we willingly destroy our future for them.

This abortion issue is a much chosen opportunity for the Jews to make things better, and Darp would love to be in Eireland right now, impregnating as many Celt females as he can and then subsidising their terminations. Abortion Porn for the Jew that fuels further his incursions into our society. He knows that this would please his "G_d" greatly and would be rewarded appropriately.