Monday, December 13, 2010

Race riots in Moscow


A race riot rocked central Moscow Saturday, but it was not prominently reported in the Western news. BBC covered the event, "But somehow their coverage is more football-themed" noted Sanjuro, a contributor to JOTMAN.COM. reports:
During the rally in memory of murdered fan of FC Spartak in the Manege Square in Moscow brought together more than four thousand people, the correspondent of Gazeta.Ru Many of the participants close their faces with scarves and masks. Priodically, the crowd chanting "Russian, go!", "Moscow is not the Caucasus" Fans Fire burn and behave aggressively. During the campaign, one participant fired several shots from a signal flare to the side of the Moskva Hotel, where several janitors Asian appearance were clearing snow.

But it wasn't a football (soccer) riot, it was a race riot. These headlines are misleading:

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