Friday, December 31, 2010

Resistance is Victory

Some thoughts perhaps upon which to ponder while observing the dawning of the New Year of anno domini 2011. Old Victor was thinking to himself today (again) it’s a funny ol’ world, innit? He was musing over some catchy political slogans. Just as all stereotypes are based on at least some degree of fact so too there can be much essential truth found in catchphrases and slogans. The noble Confederate heroes of the American Civil War had a very appropriate slogan that rings very true today.

“When Tyranny becomes Law, Rebellion becomes Duty”

While @ndy slackjaw’s army of microcephalic, mouth breathing small ‘a’ Anarchists live the Dystopic Orwellian dream of ‘Ignorance is Strength’, working themselves into a lather with their comical ‘protests’ over the digital ‘man in a suitcase’, the hologramatic Julian Assange, the rest of us wage slaves must attend our places of employment to pay the bills. Apparently this Leftist deconstruction of everything decent and normal is considered ‘progressive’. In translating ‘Leftist Speak’ one must pretty much simply invert and reverse the original definitions of legitimate English Language words to understand what the intended meaning is.

The masturbatory ‘Anarchist’ vision of The Future for @ndy’s Army is not Flying Cars but Burning Cars. The canonisation of Disinformation Gurus like Julian Assange into secular saints is driven purely by his being perceived as Anti-Establishment when in fact, like the State sponsored Agent Provocateur @ndy, he is very much an integral part of the Establishment.

The True White Nationalists adhere stoically to the principle that our very existence and tireless resistance is tantamount to victory. It is certainly the first step on the road to White Resurgence. Our traditional enemies and their collaborators hate the fact that we even continue to draw breath. They, quite literally, want us dead. Don’t you doubt it for one nanosecond. The fact that we are relentlessly defiant in the face of their tyranny drives them absolutely nuts!

There is an old saying that goes; “The truth hurts, especially when it’s funny.” As White Nationalist dissidents it is our most basic duty to disrespect, lampoon, mock, and ridicule Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and the Red Left architects of Doom at every opportunity. Why? Because they deserve it! But most importantly, every time we do it and get away with it, it also emboldens the more timid among our people to speak up and tell the truth without fear.

Seriously, why should telling the truth be deemed a revolutionary act? It is an outrageous situation we currently find ourselves in where truth and reason are inverted and the lunatics truly are running Insane Asylum Planet Earth.

Only when telling the plain and simple truth again becomes praiseworthy and eventually even commonplace and mundane will we know we have thrown off the shackles of Jewish Supremacist Tyranny and may once again behave like real White Folk should, with courage, honour and veracity.

We will cleanse the filth of ‘Politically Correct’ mendacity with the disinfectant of pure sunlight because nothing eradicates the toxic pathogens of Zionist lies more efficaciously than the blinding spotlight of Ultra Violet. The Talmudic vampires lurking in the shadows will be driven out and vaporised (just like in their movies *snigger*) so our children may have the future they deserve free from their indulgent and permissive poisons of Judeo-Bolshevist ‘education’ (indoctrination), endless ‘entertainment’, self loathing guilt, miscegenation and usurious debt enslavement.

Our enemy IS ‘The Law’. They make the Rules.

As dissidents, all material assets may be seized and taken from us at a keystroke.

They can lock us up or even have us ‘liquidated’.

They can ‘own’ us physically through their ruthless and criminal tyranny.

But they cannot break our spirits or kill the truth in our hearts.

While ever we have the will to resist we are not defeated.

While ever we resist we are but one step from victory.

Hail the New Dawn!

Hail Victory!

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