Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"We are the the real force and power".

No more illusions.

Join a real political party or a real White Nationalist group in this country. Don't be afraid to speak the truth. The future of our people and our nation isn't a game.

It isn't a strategy to ignore the Zionist in the room. It is appeasement, a delaying tactic to further oppress the truth and your rights.

Support the following, help save your future and that of your children. Get active.

Australia First

New Zealand National Front

National Front UK

British People's Party

Eureka Youth League

Don't like Politics? Think its a total waste of time? Well support these groups.

Nationalist Alternative.

Creativity Alliance

Creativity NSW

Blood & Honour Australia

Need to learn more, like using forums? Join these forums.

Australian New Nation

Creator Forum

Blood and Honour Forum

Support the movement.

9% Productions merchandising needs for the Australian Nationalist.

Say no to False Nationalism and a slow death with Civic Patriots. Don't even try and to convert these puppets. Let them die on the vine so that you may live.

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