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Wiki Deception.

I just love Philip Marlowes aka Incog Mans graphics.

LIKE A LOT of people by now, I have serious reservations that all this Wikileaks business is nothing but a giant Zio “psyops” program for the Internet generation. Sure, it appears to be a big exposure of the US government and all, but is it really? To me, it stinks to high heaven of a Jewy MOSSAD/CIA disinfo program (I’ve never trusted them enough to add the link to my site).

The biggest thing making me suspicious is simply all the media attention the whole story is now getting. You think for one lousy minute they would be going on and on like this if it was real? And what about all the explosive 9/11 stuff out there the mainstream media patently ignores? Nor does it have any revelations concerning the always-so-innocent and victimized Israel.

Most of the supposed Wikileaks intel revolves around evil Iran and Pakistan, the usual fodder for your cable news Zio-apparatchiks to blather about anyways. Oh, wait, they do have a few leaks on Turkey, too. Hmmm, hasn’t Israel been having problems with that country over the last few years? Nah, that’s all just a coincidence, I’m sure. read on Here

Now what about the reaction, or should we say the deception, that is being played out on the Right wing Zionist and the Anarchist Left. Funny how they tend to agree with each other a lot of late.

First from the Western Australian "Australian Protectionist Party" fan club and Storm Front fraud Jaxxen.

"I think the conspiracy theories are being touted because Assange had nothing to report on September 11 being a conspiracy. And so the conspiracy theorists leap to their next conclusion that he therefore must be part of the Establishment.

Or maybe, just maybe, the conspiracy theorists have it wrong."

Well well well, what a surprise. So this train of thought goes along like this. Wiki Leaks has cracked open the files of secret Government cables. Exposing the net work of lies and deceit. They have said nothing about the NWO or even 911! Ha the conspiracy's are all in the minds of the sick and paranoid!

Israel and people like Jaxxen would have you believe that if Wiki Leaks can do what they have done, why haven't they published anything to back up the 911 folks and a whole host of others? The answer is simple. Wiki Leaks didn't hack into any CIA or US Government computers, they were supplied this info via whistle blowers. Lose lips sink ships is the old saying.

My guess Israel and others will push hard to have this accepted as proof that the Western Governments are bad and Israel is the new Teflon kid on the world stage. The Sayanim have been given the message from their handlers and the word will spread fast.

Note Wikki Leaks was used by the British establishment to release the names and occupations of members of the BNP. In turn helping out the State run and sponsored Left Wing groups in Britain and in Australia. Who runs the British Government? Read on Ooops Zionist stole my Country. Inside the Israel Lobby UK.

Now for the Anarchist left, and the head of the Chabad Lubavitch Melbourne internet task force @ndy Slackbastard.

How could we forget how Wikki Leaks also "hacked" the UK Blood and Honour forum releasing info on its Australian members? This was put to great use by Anarchist @ndy and the Australian media.

Yes folks when little old Wiki Leaks first started they made a name for themselves outing people they consider "Nazis". This info would then go onto what ever State operative in the Anti racism world to get rid of those evil antisemites.

Little or no wonder @ndy will come to the rescue of Wiki Leaks. He will twist and turn this for the benefit of Israel and his empire of Chardonnay Swilling Jewish rats.

The Australian State Sponsored Anarchists, what are they up to besides ignoring all mention of Israel and Zionism?

A good old demonstration, maybe even a few broken windows. They are going to give it to the man and support poor old Wiki Leaks. No wonder considering these same people not so long ago were pleading for money on behalf of Wiki Leaks to keep it going. Looks like they raised enough cash to do exactly that. But we have to wonder who came up with the shekels.

Wiki Leaks is radical man, give them the money to out some more Nazis (read nationalists) and fight fascism and antisemitism. Cool, on ward brothers and sisters destroy society!

The left in particular the state asset Anarchist @ndy gets to use real catchy words like "Troofer" to debunk other Left wing followers who dare to question. A simple case of embarrass them into silence. After all if Wiki Leaks didn't publish it, then it never happened.

It's going to be totally radical man!

Yes @ndy spread the poison. That's a good little State Run asset.

Maybe a good time to catch a few pics for WLT if you find yourself with nothing to do?

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bushranger said...

In my opinion the "arrest" of Assange is a pathetic attempt to give this stooge credibility. The majority of independent thinking people from across the political spectrum increasing believe that the whole Wikileaks business is a front. I mean, even Zbigniew Brzezinski, has publicly stated that he believes it is an intelligence front.

So who has more credibility some sad sack at Heartbreak Hotel formerly known as the APP or a former US National Security Advisor. Gee that is tough!

Then there's his legal team Finers Stephens Innocent, FSI. Now no one needs to tell you that engaging a top London law firm is a major wealth hazard. So how exactly is Assange paying for this top talent?

Finally he has been given "rock star" treatment by the controlled media. Funnily enough he has a similar story to another controlled asset currently residing in the White House, an unusual upbringing, a very vague personal history prior to recently making a big splash in the media.

It's as if someone is running around with a template.