Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Australia's State Run Asset @ndy is seen for what he is.

A bit of a girl by the looks of it.

Its alright @ndy I'm sure he didn't mean it.
David says:

It’s quite unbelievable that someone here has the gall to talk about others being stupid and trolls. Look, only a troll would call someone else a troll, and a person could only consider them self intelligent if using the word while quoting others. Or, are you 5?

The next point. I think the worst crime of this site is to misrepresent itself – like the worst comments on You Tube, 99% of comments that receive lots of thumbs up are one-liners, rarely saying something intelligent or worthwhile. If it were intelligent or worthwhile it should fill out more of those 500 characters available, just a bit more at least.

“The enemies of humans should be killed”, 3.5 billion thumbs up – yet that same person’s very next line could be, “But not until you have all eaten and sucked from my scat pile”. Quite a few thumbs down.

Anarchy and apathy? I have no idea if this site is popular – I bounced here when reading about, “the Aussie fascist who killed a fascist over differing opinions of fascism, in Bulgaria”.

But I’ve noticed from IMDB (movie boards), to You Tube, to here, there really needs to be a huge filter that allows us to visit or [sic] “Kiddie’s sites”, or “Adult’s sites”. And I am not talking about sex nor pornography!

Now, I am not (too) prejudiced, an adult of any age can be as or more infantile than any… well, infant – and hopefully they would realise that their mentality leads them to “keep it separated” and stick to the scat that they like. Now, read on and see if you are adult enough to imagine what side of the filter this site deserves, or at least what I am suggesting.

Anarchy has a history. A rich history. If not for Anarchists and their more natural, (HISTORICAL, factual, happened, go study, read or at least UNDERSTAND something worthwhile), allies – Socialists and Communists – there would be FAR less languages you would be allowed to speak or would even hear (of), and basically far less of every type of diversity of, well, everything, human at least. Your life would probably be pre-determined and everything you would do, you would have to do, and you would, even without Big Brother watching. But no, the real meaning of Anarchy, her allies Socialism and Communism, (in an organised sense and not), and what they achieved, are points sorely lost on this website. Why not try this is a moniker for the site, ‘Apathy for idiots’. That way you wouldn’t mislead people :)

Maybe I will read more, hoping for a vast improvement. Remember, I am absolutely not a Communist, nor Socialist, but the article throwing mud in the face of, (already weak, almost dead), tiny groups of moral, politicised people is a kind of last straw. Online as in life: nothing good, nor funny comes of stupider people – like the people or person behind this site, trying to take the piss out of smarter people. Why is the world in a mess? Because moronic lowlifes don’t show respect for the greater intelligence and understanding of others, and THAT defies any age barrier.

More important than anything, nothing on this site even comes close to being funny.

PS. I bet you are not aware of whether the Anarchists turned their guns on The Commies or vice-versa, during the Spanish Civil War. However, any fracture in the past should NOT dictate relations between Anarchists and “the Left” these days.

David says:

OH. Sarcasm on top of sarcasm, on top of even more. That doesn’t subvert fascism!

And so far from being funny, child. Look at the way I am not a fascist, a bad guy, nor arrogant. I stayed, and kept reading to find something decent, interesting, funny. When you are THIS bad, you should be happy that people write ANYTHING, that they engage with you. Doubt it though. Arrogance is a bitch to crack.

Funny stuff.


Huh ? said...

Which particular bit of a Girl did you have in mind ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Hahaha only one comes to mind.

Stykin' and Cryin' out in Pain said...

Will do Fully Sick Tricks for Kicks and Cash in HeebeShirt.

We enjoy Many Wacks. Ooooooooo Hit Me Babie.